What Is The Effect Of Too Much Sex In Man

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A man having too much sex may experience certain side effects. Ironically, no amount of sex is too much, frequency of sex in terms of numbers may vary from one person to another, one couple to another.

More importantly, as long as sex feels good without any side effects, then frequency isn’t something to bother about. As a matter of fact, check the side effects of not having sex using the link here. What Is The Effect Of Too Much Sex In Man 2

Knowing your body chemistry is necessary in determining the negative impacts too much sex can have on you. For instance, if you begin to experience swelling, exhaustion and fatigue, discomfort, decreased sex drive, irritation, lower backache and etc, then it’s time to take break from sex or more importantly, talk to your doctor when the symptoms become unbearable. 

Now, this post will point out the side effects of too much sex in men. This is based on symptoms one may experience. You can equally check a post on how to use ginger and garlic for manhood.

What Sex Is Too Much? 

As mentioned earlier, there is no amount or number of sex denoted as too much, as long as one doesn’t experience negative impacts as a result of having sex. Notwithstanding, sex may become too much if a man begins to experience the side effects below. What Is The Effect Of Too Much Sex In Man 3

Side Effects Of Too Much Sex In Man

The main side effects of too much sex in men are sore penis, fatigue and exhaustion, hypersexuality, difficulty in urination, lower back pains and decreased sex drive. 


Penis Can Experience Soreness

According to Dr. Schiff, when a man ejaculates forcibly, the muscle contraction can cause some pain. 

After sex, it’s normal for some men to experience a sharp pain in the penis that lasts for some few seconds. Nevertheless, men who have too much sex may develop a sore penis and this is due to manual stimulation or forceful ejaculation.

Another side of the story is that, if care is not taken, a sore penis can get infection in the testicles, prostate, epididymis, or may contract STDs. What Is The Effect Of Too Much Sex In Man 4


Another common term for hypersexuality is sex addiction. This occurs when a man’s sexual impulses are out of control. Most health experts view sex obsession or abnormal sex drive as a psychiatric disorder.

Hypersexuality may lead to marital problems. A woman may not always feel for sex and it’s normal. A man addicted to sex is likely to force sex on the spouse and this will destroy a good relationship. 

Exhaustion And Fatigue 

Hormones such as adrenaline, norepinephrine and cortisol are released into the bloodstream during sex (excessive). Having too much sex on daily basis causes increase in heart rate, glucose metabolism, and blood pressure which in turn causes the body to become more exhausted. 

Decreased Sex Drive

Too much sex may lead to decreased sex drive. The body needs rest after exhaustion, however when there is lack of rest, a man may lose interest in the middle of an act (sex). 

Lower Backache 

A man having too much sex may experience back pain in the lower back. When there are rapid movements which place excessive stress on the lower back, experiencing lower back pains become obvious. More severe ones can lead to chronic lower back pain.

Difficulty In Urination 

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