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No Sex For 6 Months In Relationship. What Happens

Relationships are peculiar, conditions that enhance one relationship may differ from another relationship. With some, sex can be a factor, but others are different altogether. Sex plays important roles in some healthy relationships. For instance, it brings about intimacy. Regardless of that, are there some consequences of lack of sex in a relationship? We are… Read More »

Why Do You Love Me Answers For Him

At one point in your relationship, if your partner put across this well-known question, “why do you love me”, you need to feed him with the appropriate answers. Wait, but why would your partner ask you such a question? Probably, he expects more from you. Anyway, you will discover more today. For instance, reasons people… Read More »

How To Use Ginger And Garlic For Manhood

Majority of men experience sexual problems such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, low libido, etc. In our post on “Does Ginger And Garlic Help Sexually”, we gave numerous benefits of both ginger and garlic. Again, a video was used to explain how ginger and garlic help sexually.  Both ginger and garlic have… Read More »

Does Ginger And Garlic Help Sexually

Both ginger and garlic have therapeutic properties that are beneficial to both men and women. They are mostly used in the food industry for spicing due to their pleasant aroma or flavours. Aside that, they both have aphrodisiac properties which play vital roles in the sexual performances of both men and women.  Poor blood circulation… Read More »