Zara Perfume Prices In Ghana


Today, we will be talking about Zara perfume prices in Ghana. Zara perfumes is one of the best perfume brands that has global recognition and has received thumbs up from various world renowned celebrities.

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  6. Zara Perfume Men
  7. Zara Perfume Women

Brief History About Zara As A Brand

ZARA is a Spanish clothing and accessories brand based in Arteixo Galicia. The founders were Amancio Ortega and Rosalia Mera. The first ZARA store was opened in 1975. They were producing inexpensive lookalike products of popular designer fashion. The store was successful so Ortega started changing the design and production line of the company.

The company began producing fashions to meet current trends as quick as possible before other top fashion companies.

In 2003 Zara stretched its production to home goods and started producing fragrance collaborating with house Puig a reputable Spanish perfume house. The first edition of Zara fragrance was produced in 1999.

New editions are still being produced now. As it stands, the company has produced 669 different perfumes into the market.

Some Types Of Zara Perfumes

The Zara scent is part of Fragrance World’s extensive perfume line. Zara Perfumes shares the passion for rich, tasteful, and sophisticated smells from reliving favorite memories to setting a mood. All of them have been thoroughly screened, examined, and tested.

Their collection is the result of a constant search for new ideas in order to create evocative, smokeless and evergreen goods.

Just like many fragrance manufacturers, Zara offers a few main categories of perfumes.

Zara Women’s Fragrances

Zara Children’s Fragrances

Zara Men’s Fragrances

Zara Unisex Fragrances


Zara Perfume Prices In Ghana

The pricing of Zara perfume takes into consideration a lot of factors. The category, the volume and the class are all important factors that come to play when pricing Zara perfumes.

In Ghana, one can buy a perfume from Zara as low as GHc 100 and have a minimum 50ml of fine fragrance.

From a popular online Ghanaian store, some Zara perfumes can cost as high as GHc 6150 and above. Zara perfume for men in Ghana cost much higher than that for women, children and unisex.

A price list from popular Ghanaian perfume stores as of 2021:

Zara’s Men’s VIBRANT LEATHER perfume 3.4 FI Oz 100ml – GHc 385



Gardenia/Orchid Eau De Parfum 2 X 1.0 oz – GHc 271

Zara Turborsoe Pink Flambe Twin – 230 cedis


Name Price
Zara Wonder Rose 400 cedis
Zara Mont Black legend 80 cedis
Zara Next Sequence 350 cedis
Zara Turborsoe Pink Flambe Twin 230 cedis
Zara Yellow Velvet 140 Cedis
Zara Silver Summer 185 cedis
Zara Black Amber 400 cedis
Zara Red Vanilla 280 cedis
Zara Orinetal 320 cedis
Zara Tobbaco Collection 700 cedis
Zara Twilight Mauve 230 cedis

Zara Perfume Best Brands

Zara has released approximately 500 perfumes over the years. Consider how time-consuming it would be to pick just one! But don’t let that deter you from trying. If you know what you’re looking for, finding a fantastic fragrance for you will be simple.

Zara’s best-selling perfume is: Black Amber

Zara perfume with the best scent: Red Vanilla

For males, the best Zara perfume is: Tobbaco Collection

Best Zara Perfume for women: Zara Oriental

Zara Most long lasting perfume: Rose Gold


Zara Perfume Most Expensive Brand 

The most expensive Zara perfume brand is the tobbaco collection that costs $1,200.

Zara Perfume Most Cheap Brand

The most cheap Zara perfume brand is the Mont Black Legend which costs less than $10.

Zara Perfume For Men

The most use men Zara perfume is the Aromatic Fougere fragrance. Well, it’s a pleasant, uplifting, and natural perfumed sensation that’s emphasized by a bouquet of fresh citrus, sweet, and woody scented tones.



Zara Perfume Women

The most use Zara Perfume fr women is the Twilight Mauve. In 2016, Twilight Mauve was released. Watermelon, Apple, Violet, and Passionfruit are the top notes; Peony, Freesia, Iris, and Honeysuckle are the middle notes; Musk, Cedar, and Ambergris are the base notes

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