Werner Freund Cause of Death: Full Details

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Werner Freund was a German wolf researcher and he was born March 2, 1933. He was born in Garbenteich and he worked as a gardener, carnivore keeper and expedition leader from the initial stages of his life.

He also worked for the Federal Border Guard in 1955 and later in 1957, Werner Freund worked as a non-commissioned officer at the Bundeswehr. It is to be noted that he took part in the  German Indian Expedition between 1955 and 1958.

The expedition was led by Gustav Adolf von Maydell. On his own accord, he undertook seventeen expeditions to Africa and South and Central America between 1960 and 1970.

He was made a staff sergeant in the Auf der Ell barracks with the 262 Paratrooper Battalion in Merzig. He went through courses as an instructor and later worked as an animal keeper. Werner Freund authored some books about wolves and their behavior.

Some of these books were Werner Freund: The Wolf Man. Neumann 1988, Werner Freund: My life with bears. Müller Rüschlikon, Cham 1994, Werner Freund: Wolf among wolves. Augustus Verlag 1999, Walter Wolter: Between teeth and claws: The life of Werner Freund. Gollenstein 2003,  and Hartmann Jenal/Hildegard Hoppe: Wolf Friend – Werner Freund and his wolves. Illustrated book. Conte Verlag 2006.

Werner Freund Cause of Death

Werner Freund died on February 9, 2014.He was 80 years old when he died. Werner Freund was buried in the Waldstrasse cemetery in Merzig.

The cause of his death is yet to be updated. He was married and lived in Merzig


In 1995, Werner Freund was awarded the Saarland Order of Merit. This was in respect of his initiative around wolves and for the establishment of the Wolf Park.

He was also made an honorary citizen of the city of Karakol in 1997 and since 1999, The Kyrgyz Environmental Foundation bears his name.

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