Vitamin C Price in Ghana

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The price of vitamin c is given in this article. Also included is where to buy, dosage and the various types available.

Vitamin C helps to support the immune system. Vitamin C is used to keep our skins healthy and bones and joints strong.

It can aid wound healing and assists in strengthening our immunity through the development of red blood cells and keeping the white blood cells we need to fight infections active.

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Vitamin C also contributes to ensuring your body absorbs folic acid and iron and turning food into energy.

Types of Vitamin C

Vitamin C comes in tablet and soluble form.

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The tablet is mostly taken orally or sublingually. Once in the mouth, it is absorbed through the tiny blood vessels under the tongue.

Soluble vitamin c is supposed to be put in 200mls of water and taken. Each day, one soluble tablet is supposed to be taken to ensure maximum efficacy.

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Price of vitamin c in Ghana

The price of this medication may vary depending the brand that produced it.

Tablet vitamin C usually costs between GHC 2 to 5

Soluble Vitamin C costs GHC 25 or more.

Purchase vitamin C at any drug store or pharmacy near you.

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