Two Men Dump Day-Old Baby At Dump Site in Fijai; Police Mount Investigation

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Two males are being sought by police in the Western Region after they allegedly left a newborn baby girl in the Fijai main garbage dump site.

Two males in a car approached the dumpsite attendant early Friday, February 18 and inquired about the cost of dumping waste, according to the employee.

“I innocently told them GH¢1. They handed me a polythene bag, paid and sped off. After they had left, I dumped the polythene and its contents without examining it,” she narrated.


She was attending to her responsibilities when she heard a loud exclamation coming from the direction of the rubbish, which startled her.

“Normally, you have these scrap dealers coming around and going through the refuse to pick items. Apparently, one of them saw the polythene and had opened it and seen the contents. It was a baby with the umbilical cord still attached to her.”

“She was dead,” she cried while explaining to Media Generale’s Connect FM.

She claimed it was too late; the two men had long since gone.


Unfortunately, she did not give the two men and the car they arrived in a thorough examination because she had no reason to accuse them of anything awful.

Ramatu Ibrahim, the Assemblywoman for Fijai Electoral Area, later told Omanbapa Nhyiraba Paa Kwesi Simpson of Connect FM’s morning show that the case had been reported to the police, who had assured her of a thorough investigation.

In other stories, following an attack by a community member on Friday morning, the Boachipe CHPS Compound has been closed.

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The resident is accused of bringing a gun to the facility with the intent of shooting a member of the staff.

According to information obtained by, the man fired two shots.

Despite the fact that the said staff was able to flee, he was injured, causing tension in the community and leading to the facility’s closure by health officials in the Central Gonja District.


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