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Are you looking for a stabilizer to buy in Ghana? Do you want to know the actual price and the voltage it can take? Then this article is for you. Sit back and enjoy.


A voltage regulator commonly known as stabilizer is a device that maintains a steady voltage automatically. Negative feedback or a basic feed-forward architecture can be used in a voltage regulator. An electromechanical mechanism or electrical components could be used. It may be used to regulate one or more AC or DC voltages, depending on the design.

Electronic voltage regulators are used to stabilize the DC voltages used by the processor and other components in devices such as computer power supply. Voltage regulators govern the output of generator plants in automotive alternators and central power plants. Voltage regulators can be installed at a substation or along distribution lines in an electric power distribution system to ensure that all customers receive constant voltage regardless of how much electricity they consume.

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Electronic Voltage Regulators

A resistor in series with a diode can be used to make a simple voltage/current regulator (or series of diodes). The voltage across the diode changes only slightly due to changes in current drawn or changes in the input due to the logarithmic nature of diode V-I curves. This design may be adequate when precise voltage control and efficiency are not required. This type of voltage regulator is only suitable for low voltage controlled output due to the modest forward voltage of a diode. A zener diode or a series of zener diodes can be used when a greater voltage output is required. The fixed reverse voltage of a zener diode, which can be extremely high, is used by zener diode regulators.


The actual output voltage of a feedback voltage regulator is compared to a fixed reference value. Any difference is magnified and used to adjust the regulation element so that the voltage error is minimized. This creates a negative feedback control loop, in which raising the open-loop gain improves regulation precision but decreases stability. (Avoiding oscillation, or ringing, during step changes, is stability.) There will be a trade-off between stability and the speed with which changes are responded to.

If the output voltage is too low (perhaps due to lower input voltage or higher load current), the regulation element is commanded to produce a higher output voltage up to a point–by dropping less of the input voltage (for linear series and buck switching regulators) or drawing input current for longer periods (boost-type switching regulators); if the output voltage is too high, the regulation element is normally commanded to produce a lower volt; if the output voltage is too high, the regulation element is normally commanded

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Many regulators, on the other hand, contain over-current protection, which means that if the output current is too high, they will stop sourcing current (or limit it in some way), and some regulators may also shut down if the input voltage is outside a certain range (see also: crowbar circuits).

Stabilizer Price In Ghana



10KVA Power Link Stabilizer GH₵ 3,599
Karizma Stabilizer D3000va-digital GH₵ 550
Protech 3000 Voltage Regulator/Stabilizer GH₵ 495
Westpool Stabilizer 3000watt Westpoint GH₵ 499
Vizio Stabilizer 10KVA GH₵ 1,500

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