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Thomas Schubert Cause of Death: Full Details. September 2023

Thomas Schubert was an Austrian actor who was born on August 15, 1993. He was born in Vienna and he shot into fame with the role he played in the Austrian film titled Atmen in 2011. He grew up with two siblings and spent a year with his family in Australia.

He had his education at a general secondary school in the Donaustadt district of Vienna but unfortunately, he dropped out of school in the final year. He dropped out of school to pursue a career in acting.

Interestingly, Thomas Schubert’s acting career came by chance when he was 17 years old. He got the chance to act after accompanying a friend to the open casting of Karl Markovics’ film Atmen(2011).

He played the role of a young prisoner who took up a job in Viennese funeral home. Thomas Schubert got the chance to be selected from a total of 300 candidates during three different casting appointments.

When director Karl Markovics selected Thomas Schubert, he only gave him basic knowledge of breathing and facial expressions especially as he wanted Thomas Schubert to be authentic in his acting.

The only challenge Thomas Schubert had was maintaining his concentration and composure during long periods of rehearsals. For his role in Breathe, he won the Actor Prize of the Sarajevo Film Festival and the Austrian Film Prize for his acting debut.

The movie premiered at the 64th Cannes International Film Festival in 2011 and the film won the Label Europa Award. It was also screened at over 60 film festivals and also won many awards. It was selected for the Foreign Oscar at the 2012 Academy Awards. Thomas Schubert was discovered by a large audience with respect to King of Stonks, a Netflix series. It was released on Netflix in the second quarter of 2022.

Thomas Schubert Cause of Death

There is no report to suggest that Thomas Schubert has died


A summary of some of the films Thomas Schubert has been involved include Quickly Determined -Tommi Hotarek TV series (2012), The Dark Valley (2014), At the End of Summer (2015), Chucks(2015), Egon Schiele: Death and Girls(2016) as well as Pregau- No Way Back(TV series)(2016).

Others are Fog in August (2016), The Sacher(2016), Wild Mouse(2017), Soko Donau- Under Suspicion (2017), Winter Fairy Tale (2018) and Your Life Is Mine(2019). The likes of City Comedy – The Case of Gerti B(2019), The Dead from Lake Constance-Curse from the Depths(2020) and Police Call 101: Ronny also form part of the filmography of Thomas Schubert.


Thomas Schubert has so far won the Actor Award for his role in Breathe. This was at the 2011 Sarajevo Film Festival. He also won the Austrian Film Award for Best Actor with Breathe in 2012.


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