Tony Holiday Cause of Death: Full Details

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Tony Holiday was a German pop and schlager singer and songwriter who was born on February 24, 1951. He was born in Hamburg, Germany.

Initially, he started working as a textile businessman as well as a fashion designer. Later in 1974, Tony Holiday signed a deal or contract with Hans Bertram who named him Tony Holiday.

Tony Holiday had his breakthrough in 1977 with the German recording of Italian singer Raffaella Carra’s 1976 single titled A Far L’amore cominia tu’. It is interesting to note that the single became a huge hit in Germany and Austria.

The song reached the Number four position on the German music charts and also got to the Top 20 on the Austrian music charts. Tony Holiday had a second European hit in 1980 with the release of Nie Mehr allein sein. The song made it to the German music charts.

The song was a remake of Sun of Jamaica originally done by Goombay Dance Band of Germany. With the passage of time, Tony Holiday organized several music programs on television and throughout the 1980s, he released more singles.

Tony Holiday Cause of Death

Tony Holiday was reported dead on Valentine’s Day in 1990. This was due to an AIDS-related sickness. He died at the age of 38.

Before his death, Tony Holiday did not publicly disclose his homosexuality even though he was gay. His single, titled Tanze Samba mit Mir released in 2000 was featured in the Teddy Award-winning Francois Ozon-directed film, Water Drops From Burning Rocks.

Tony Holiday Discography

The discography of Tony Holiday is made up of albums and singles. The albums include 1977 Tanze Samba mit mir, 1979 Rumba ok1980 Nie mehr allein sein and 2004 Tanze Samba mit mir (Posthumous collection)

The singles also include 1974 “Gewonnen” (as Peter Knigge), 1975 “Du hast mich heut’ noch nicht geküsst”, 1976 “Monte Carlo”, 1977 “Rosy, Rosy”, 1977 “Tanze Samba mit mir” (German chart peak position: #4. Austrian chart peak position: #19), 1978 “Disco Lady”, 1978 “Es lebe Copacabana”, 1978 “Den Appetit kannst du dir holen…doch gegessen wird zu Haus”, 1979 “Zuviel Tequila, zuviel schöne Mädchen” and 1979 “Samba olè, Rumba O.K.”


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