List of Tattoo Shops in Ghana

By | September 3, 2020

Tattoo shops in are one of the most difficult places to find here in Ghana, since it is not the hobby of the people.

Though tattoo is not a hobby of Ghanaians, we have the few who are very much interested.

What is a tattoo ?

Tattoo is a sign or symbol people make on their bodies for their own personal reasons or for fashion’s sake.

It can be made on almost every part of the body. It can be done on the thigh, wrist, the shoulder, the back, legs, feet, back of the ear, the chest, some even does it on their whole body.

Some people would like to have tattoos to remember and occasion or past experience, some would make it as a sign for the love they have for their love ones.

Others needs it just to inform people about who they are, others are just for fashion’s sake.

With what ever reason you want to have a tattoo, you need to think through thoroughly.

To have a tattoo, you need a professional or an expect least you risk your skin. Also you need to book and appointment.

It could be in your home or at the studio.

Do you want to have a nice tattoo done? Struggling to find where and an expect?

No need to struggle anymore because in this post, I bring you some tattoo shops in Ghana and the average cost of a tattoo in Ghana.

Tattoo Shops in Ghana.

                   Khemitoons Tattoo and Piercing Studio

Khemitoons Tattoo and Piercing Studio are professionals in artistic body tattoo on all parts of the body.

They also do permanent tattoo make up, piercing and cover ups. They are expects in Celtic, Traditional, Color, Arts, Chinese, Black and Gray and Adinkra designs.

At their studio, you would have colorful range galleries to choose from.

Their tattoos are very colorful and is done under stringently healthy conditions.

If you like to remove your tattoo too, you can visit Khemitoons Tattoo and Piercing studio.

List of Tattoo Shops in Ghana 1 List of Tattoo Shops in Ghana 2


They  are Located at La Pleasure Beach (Labadi Beach) Accra


Call Or Whatsapp +233244567183

Instagram: khemitoonstattoo

Snapchat: Khemitoons

Email: [email protected]



             Francois Tattoo and Piercing Studio Ghana

Francois Tattoo and Piercing Studio is one of the best in Ghana. Their studio is sightly and they have the safety of their customers in mind.

They serves you as you want; the tattoo size,design, the area, etc. Francoise also do home services.

You can go to them for advice concerning tattoo and piercing and also see some of their works.

You can pass by their studio and schedule an appointment.

List of Tattoo Shops in Ghana 3


No. 7 18th Street, New Achimota, Near Kingsby Roundabout, Accra, Ghana


Mobile Phone: 0244975300



                           Blacklion Tattoo Studio

Blacklion Tattoo Studio are beauty Professionals, Tattooists and do other business activities.

Visit their company website for more information about them : 


Opposite a locals, osu, accra


024 4861843
020 8139241



Alldayink are professionals in all types of body tattoo, either temporary, permanent makeup, heena tattoo and microblading ( eyebrow tattoo).

List of Tattoo Shops in Ghana 4 List of Tattoo Shops in Ghana 5


Okada street, Osu, Accra  

Contact: 0264468233


                             Jahmang Tattoo

Jahmang tattoo makes tattoo designs, tattoo removal, body piercing and also do natural hair plating.

List of Tattoo Shops in Ghana 6 List of Tattoo Shops in Ghana 7


PO Box C29 Chirapatre- Kumasi




                             High Grade Tattoo Family

High Grade Tattoo Family do tattoos, body piercing, dreadlocks, penny lock and normal lock for rasta.

List of Tattoo Shops in Ghana 8 List of Tattoo Shops in Ghana 9


Yeliwa Compton, 001 Asin Central, Kumasi, Ghana





Tattoo Cost in Ghana

The smallest tattoo can cost GHS 50.00 .

The prices increases as per the size and design. The last thing you want is to spend your money on a cheap tattoo that will not be appealing to your eyes after.

That is why these tattoo shops works thoughtfully to make tattoos that is long-lived and always appealing.


Tattoo cost- GHS 50 – GHS 900.

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