Susan Sarandon Siblings: Full Details

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Who are Susan Sarandon’s siblings? How many siblings does Susan Sarandon have? Does Susan Sarandon have any sisters?

Read on as we provide answers to these questions and more in the subsequent paragraphs about the siblings of Susan Sarandon.

Who Is Susan Sarandon?

Susan Sarandon is a veteran American actress born Susan Abigail Tomalin on October 4, 1946, in New York City, U.S. She had her high school education at Edison High School where she started to exhibit her acting potential.

She joined the school drama and got the opportunity to perform in a few school stage productions such as earning a role in the comedy “My Sister Eileen”. Her performance received critical acclaim and was even mentioned in the local newspaper.

She realized her calling was to be an actress hence after she graduated from high school in 1964, she attend the Catholic University of America in Washington to study drama. She graduated in 1968 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Drama.

While in the University, she fell in love with a colleague, Chris Sarandon who became her first husband. They married on September 16, 1967, a year before she graduated.

She began her acting journey after she graduated. After a few auditions, she eventually landed a role in the film “Joe” in 1970. From there, she went on to appear in a few soap operas such as A World Apart (1970&1971), Search for Tomorrow, etc.

As we speak, she has done over 50 films and TV series throughout her longstanding career and has won several awards as well. She is well known for films like The Meddler (2015), The Lovely Bones (2009), Enchanted (2007), James and the Giant Peach (1996), Thelma & Louise (1991), Atlantic City (1980), etc.

Her performances throughout her career have been exceptional and are evident in the mount o awards she has received. She is a Hollywood Hall of Famer.

She received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2002 and was inducted into the New Jersey Hall of Fame in 2010. Sarandon was also given the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Stockholm International Film Festival in 2009.

She also received the Goldene Kamera International lifetime achievement award in 2015 and many other awards.

However, her love life hasn’t been as great as her career. Her marriage to Chris Sarandon ended in divorce in 1979 after 12 years of marriage. She started dating director Louis Malle in 1977 even before her divorce from Sarandon was finalized.

She broke up with Louis Malle in 1980 and later dated filmmaker Franco Amurri with whom she had a daughter in 1995. Her subsequent partners include Philip Sayer, Tim Robbins and  Jonathan Bricklin.

How Many Siblings Does Susan Sarandon Have?

Sarandon has eight younger siblings made up of four brothers and four sisters. They are Philip Leslie Jr., Timothy, O’Brian, Terry, Meredith, Melissa, Amanda and Bonnie Priscilla.

Susan Sarandon is the first child of her parents and has been a good example for her younger siblings. She is not alone in the entertainment industry though as a few of them are also pursuing careers in the film industry.

O’Brian Tomalin is a film writer whereas Philip Leslie Jr is an actor.

Terry Tomalin, who worked as a journalist died on May 19, 2016, at the age of 55. He was married to Kanika Tomalin with whom he had two children

Who Are Susan Sarandon’s Parents?

Susan Sarandon was born in October 1946 to Lenora Marie and Philip Leslie Tomalin. Her father worked as a television producer and advertising executive. He worked for WOR-TV for many years.

Her mother died in 2020 at the age of 97.

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