STC Bus Fares 2021, Destinations & Schedules

In this article, we are going to give you the estimated STC fares in 2021, schedules and destinations in Ghana.

STC (State Transport Company) is a transport company owned by the Ghanaian government with a core mandate of providing transit services within cities in Ghana.

STC Buses are noted for comfort, friendly customer care, and time consciousness.

If you want to know the destinations and STC Bus fares, then read this article to the end. Also included in this post are:

  • STC Contact
  • STC Bus booking procedure
  • STC Departure times (schedules)
  • And a lot more.

Prices of STC buses used to be a little lower than that of the normal buses and VIP buses.

Why should you board an STC Bus.

  • You’re insured by the government
  • Friendly customer care
  • No long stops
  • WiFi Available
  • Cheaper fares
  • Charging Port
  • They keep their time.

How to book an STC bus in Ghana.

You can book for your STC Bus ticket at the exact time of arrival at their terminal.

Online booking is available for some destinations.

For other destinations, you have to visit an STC Bus terminal near you to book. For more information about bookings visit Here.

STC Bus Fares

Destination Fare (GHC) Schedule
ACCRA (ACHIMOTA) – KUMASI (ADUM)               45/40 6:45 am
Accra – Tamale 110.00 7:30am & 3:20pm
Accra – Kumasi 45 3:20pm
Accra to Bolga 125 3:20pm
Accra to Navorongo 130 3:20pm
Accra to Paga 130 3:20pm
Accra to Wa 105 4:30pm
Accra to Nandom 120 4:30pm
Aflao – accra 32 4:00am
Aflao – Elubo 190.00 4:00pm
Aflao to Abidjan 280.00 4:00pm
Berekum – Kumasi 20 8:00pm
Berekum – Accra 57.00 8:00pm
Bunso – Kumasi 45 6:50am
Bunso – Accra 50 7:10am
Bunso to Tamale 110 9:45am
Bunso to Bolga 125.00 4:47pm
Bunso to Navrongo 130.00 4:47pm
Bunso to Paga 130.00 4:47pm
Bunso to Wa 105.00 7:00pm
Bunso to Dormaa 60.00 11:30pm
Ho to Accra 29 3:30am
Sunayani – Kumasi 18 4:00am
Cape Coast to Abidjan 200 12:10am
Cape Coast to Accra 33 8:30am
Cape Coast to Tema 38 8:30am
Cape Coast to Takoradi 20.00 9:30am
Cape Coast to Kumasi 44.00 10:00am


READ ALSO:  How to book STC Ticket Online. Simple Guide.

READ ALSO:  How to book STC Ticket Online. Simple Guide.

STC Bus Schedules.

For details about STC Ghana schedules, visit the nearest terminal or call using the contact details below.

STC Contact.

For more information and clarification, contact STC Ghana officers in Ghana using the contact information below.


Physical address.

No. 1 Ajuma Crecent Opposite Awudome Cemetry.

P.O. BOX 7384 Ring Road

West Industrial Area, Accra

Telephone: 0557 943 605 / 0557943606 / 0573100375 / 05731003985


Kumasi Terminal

Oforikrom Terminal Workshop and Administration 053100382 Adum Terminal in the central Business District of Kumasi

Telephone: 0557943607 / 0573100383 / 0573100390


Tudu Terminal.

Telephone: 0573 100 340


Achimota Station.

New Achimota Lorry Park

Telephone: 0245 376 833 / 0577 144 3799


READ ALSO:  How to book STC Ticket Online. Simple Guide.
READ ALSO:  How to book STC Ticket Online. Simple Guide.

STC Ghana official email: [email protected]


Other services run by STC Ghana are:

  • Parcel delivery
  • Driver training services.

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