Wedding Gowns in Ghana, Prices & Styles.

Are you planning your wedding ceremony or getting married soon? Then you are at the right place.

It is important that you know the different wedding gown styles in Ghana, the prices of wedding gowns and where to buy them.

I assure you that you are going to find your perfect wedding gown here.

This post highlights wedding gowns and their prices coupled with a list of fashion designers that sew wedding dresses in Ghana.

Choosing a perfect wedding dress should not be a daunting task especially when you work with the right fashion designers.

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Wedding Gown Styles.

Thanks to fashion designers in Ghana, wedding gowns come in different styles.

If you are planning to look stunning on your wedding day this year, check out these styles for tips.

wedding gowns

Wedding Gowns in Ghana, Prices & Styles. 1

Wedding Gowns in Ghana, Prices & Styles. 2

Wedding Gowns in Ghana, Prices & Styles. 3

traditional wedding gown

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Prices of wedding gowns in Ghana.

The price of a wedding dress may vary depending on where you buy it from.

The price list below was extracted from Peace Bridal Ghana. Contact them on 0242942742 for your wedding gowns and accessories.

Package Price
Wedding gown, wedding ring, kente cloth (3 pieces), hand fan, crown, 2 pairs of heels, flower GHC 3,000.00
Wedding gown, 3 pieces of Kente cloth, wedding ring, crown, hand fan GHC 2,000.00
Wedding gown, golden color ring, heels, crown, flower, GHC 3,700.00
Wedding gown, kente wedding outfit, crown, earings, heels, wedding rings, bracelet, etc GHCS 4,200.00


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Places to buy luxurious wedding gowns in Ghana.

In Ghana, one can get a perfectly crafted wedding dress from any of the fashion designers below. Contact them using the contact information provided. Thank you.

  • Swoon Bridewear

They deal in bespoke wedding gowns, accessories and also offer event planning services. Visit their Instagram page and go through the different styles available.

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  • Peace Bridal

Located in Accra and Kumasi, Peace Bridal gives you the best prices for wedding gowns and accessories.

They deal in accessories such as wedding rings, gowns, best men wear, etc.


  • Nanice Weddings

Nanice Weddings deals in everything bridal: gowns, men’s suits, rings and a lot more.

They are located in both Accra and Kumasi.

For more information visit their Instagram page

  • Mother Bertha

A fashion designer in Accra that sews stunning gowns and dresses.

Wedding Gowns in Ghana, Prices & Styles. 8
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