Sssniperwolf Siblings: Meet Ranya Shelesh,Paul Shelesh And Bakir Shelesh

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Due to the charm and multiple talents she possesses, SSSniperwolf has become one of the most-followed and highest-paid Youtubers in the world.

She started working on her Youtube videos in 2013 and her channel was called “Call of Duty.” Over the years, she managed to accumulate as much as 31 million subscribers.

She also has about 18 billion views in total on her Youtube channel and 5.3 million on Instagram. Due to the success story of “Call of Duty”, SSSniperwolf started another channel in 2014 and this channel is called Little Lia.

The channel is dedicated D.I.Y. video advice and also home goods, crafts, and recipe centered around issues that interest women. The channel has so far gotten 3.7 million subscribers and 571 million views.

It is interesting to note that in 2013, SSSniperwolf got arrested. This was due to the fact that she hit a security guard. As a result, she spent two days in prison.

Again in 2016, she was questioned by the Police after resisting arrest for disorderly conduct. E.A., Ubisoft, and Disney are some of the brands she has worked with and through her work, she got nominated for Favorite Gamer at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards and won the award in 2020.

SSSniperwolf has a merch line named Wolf Pack that deals in items like hoodies, phone cases, shorts, T-shirts, notebooks, stickers, and joggers.

She is currently dating Youtuber, “Evan Sausage,”. She lives in Los Angeles. SSSniperwolf stands at 5 feet 3 inches and she is believed to be worth $6 million.

Sssniperwolf Siblings

SSSniperwolf has three siblings: one sister and two brothers.

Her younger sister is Ranya Shelesh. Together with Ranya Shelesh, they love to go shopping, dance and play twister.

Ranya Shelesh is eight years younger than SSSniperwolf. Paul Shelesh was born in 1993 and he is a younger brother of SSSniperwolf.

He loves to play the guitar and loves cars a lot. Another younger brother of SSSniperwolf is Bakir Shelesh.

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