Solar Air Conditioner Price In Ghana


We all know what an air conditioner does, isn’t it? Basically, an air conditioner cools current of warm air in a room.

An air conditioner powered by Solar? Nevermind, I will tell you more about Solar Powered Air Conditioners. 

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Today’s post will let you know how much a solar powered air conditioner cost. Not just that, it will show you where you can purchase a solar powered air conditioner as well.

Solar Powered Air Conditioners

Energy from the sun is what we basically refer to as solar energy. In other words, the sun rays can be converted into electricity and, this can be employed in powering appliances of any kind.

Now, let’s see how the solar powered air conditioner actually works. 

The solar air conditioner incorporate both solar electricity and air conditioning. In basic terms, the solar air conditioner takes energy from the Sun and utilize it to power the AC to cool a room. 

It will be impossible to use a solar powered air conditioner with a solar panel doing its job. Solar Panel can be also called a “photovoltaic panel” (“PV panel”). Solar has something to do with the sun. 

As mentioned earlier, a solar panel which consist of cells, is basically used to convert solar energy from the sun into electric energy (electricity).

One thing you should have in mind is that, the solar energy can be directly used or stored in a battery. We term this as DC power thus, a solar powered air conditioner uses this DC power, either directly as DC or after conversion as AC. An inverter is employed in this process. After this, you can successfully use your solar powered air conditioner to cool your home.

Options Available For Solar Powered Air Conditioner

This is basically dependent on the mode of power the air conditioner will be getting.  

DC-Powered Solar Air Conditioners (Conventional solar-powered air conditioners) — An inverter is not needed.

AC-Powered Solar Air Conditioners — An inverter is needed. 

Hybrid Powered Solar Air Conditioners — Combines both the attributes of AC and DC. 

Price Of Solar Air Conditioners In Ghana

The price range of Solar Powered Air Conditioners In Ghana is: GH¢ 7000 — GH¢ 15 000. 

Where To Purchase Solar Powered Air Conditioners In Ghana

NB: The list does not cover all the places, shopes or stores that sell Solar Powered Air Conditioners. You can equally recommend a store or a shop that sells a Solar Powered Air Conditioner and we will add that to our list.

Thanks and all the best. Don’t hesitate to reach us for any further enquires. 


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