Sankofa Poultry Feed Price In Ghana

Are you a poultry farmer, or do you have intentions of venturing into the bird rearing business very soon? This article will be of great help to you because after carefully reading it, you will be able to project the amount of money you will be spending on the animals’ feed alone.

But before that, let’s try to first understand what poultry feed means.

What Is Poultry Feed 

Poultry feed is food for poultry that is reared on the farm. In other words, you can say it is the nutrition poultry in farm feed on. Poultry includes ducks, chicken, turkey, etc. Prior to the twentieth century, poultry was housed in normal farms where they fed on insects, plants, and tiny animals in the farm. Farm owners used to provide the poultry supplements by providing them with grains, calcium and magnesium supplements, household scraps, etc.
As the years went on, farming became more of a specialization and farmers were keeping a large number of flocks, therefore, the old system of managing and feeding them wasn’t effective. This led to the development of the various housing systems together with the feed.

Composition Of Poultry Feed 

Today, poultry feed is made from soybeans, oil meal, grain, supplements of protein, minerals, and vitamins. The weight and age of the poultry together with the rate of growth, rate of egg production, and the quantity consumed from foraging will determine the nutritional requirement and quantity of feed needed by the poultry.

As humans require a sufficient amount of certain nutrients to live healthily, so do poultry also need such to live healthily. Therefore, for poultry to be healthy, it will have to have a sufficient quantity of carbohydrates and proteins, vitamins, minerals, and water.
Nowadays, Poultry farming has caught the eyes of most people since it has been realized that it is among the lucrative businesses one could get himself into. However, in as much as it has been seen as lucrative, one could easily blow off his capital by venturing into this area without access to proper information and resources.

Best Place To Buy Poultry Feeds

One of the main factors to consider in such a business is the types of feed and their cost. Sankofa Poultry offers you all types of feed at a competitive price. We have retail shops at almost all vantage locations in the Country. You can contact us on 0245545413.
Each feed comes with its cost. Here are the prices of the different types of feed at Sankofa Poultry.

Sankofa Poultry Feed Price In Ghana

Grower Mash – GHc 95.00
Turkey Starter 1 – GHc 140.00
Turkey Starter 2 – GHc 138.00
Layer Mash – GHc 105.00
Chick Starter – GHc 104.00

NB: All feeds weigh between 45kg – 50kg per bag.

These prices are not stable. They change as the market prices for the ingredients used in making the feed also change. However, you are assured at Sankofa Poultry feed your buying will always be at a competitive or relatively lower price.


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