Spiritual Benefits Of Fasting

By | November 11, 2022

Today we will be talking about fasting and its spiritual benefits but before that let’s first look at the meaning of fasting.

What Is Fasting

When we say fasting,it simply refers to the practice of not eating or drinking for a specific period of time. When fasting, some people allow themselves to drink water. Others, however, do not.

Furthermore, some people attempt a 24-hour fast. Others may practice intermittent fasting, in which they fast for 16 hours and then strive to consume all of their calories in a day and an 8-hour period. There are various forms of fasting, and it is critical that you pick the one that best suits your needs.

Evidently, restricting our appetites to a few delicious meals has better benefits on our bodies.
According to experts, there are all kinds of reasons that “intermittent fasting” is good for us. It improves mental clarity and concentration.

It lowers blood insulin and sugar levels. It improves fat burning abilities. It lowers blood cholesterol. It increases our growth hormone. It reduces inflammation. It activates cellular cleansing by autophagy. And it even might prevent Alzheimer’s. You get the idea.

We should also keep in mind that those advantages can be groundbreaking — what’s typically not referenced is that fasting is additionally an extraordinary practice for our profound lives, as well. Indeed, the Catholic Church has been suggesting this training for a very long time and still keeps on doing so up to now.

Obviously, there’s something else to fasting besides simply not eating.
In case you’re battling with a choice or attempting to recognize the always present inquiry, “How am I doing my life?” coordinating fasting with petition will give you that lift in dissolving interruptions.

By denying the body — a tiny bit of food— we’re undeniably more-lucid and ready to be careful. This places us in a superior mental space to be in contact with the super-natural.

According to St. Basil the Great

Fasting is a decent shield for the spirit, a resolute ally for the body, a weapon for the brave, and a recreation center for competitors,

Fasting repulses allurements.… In war, it battles courageously, in harmony it instructs tranquility. Furthermore, it’s this tranquility where we can discover the clearness we so frantically desire.

Below are some of the;

Spiritual Benefits Of Fasting

  1. Fasting is a soul cleansing exercise

Fasting provides us with an excellent opportunity to reflect on our spiritual relationship to our physical bodies because it also enable our souls to detox. Fasting is a faith move in which we trust God to fill us with His Holy Spirit, just as He promised.Fasting cleanses and renews the soul, allowing us to accept the Holy Spirit and be empowered to live for Christ in a fresh way.

2. Fasting reminds us to always rely on God 

Fasting forces us to seek God and lean on Him for guidance and consolation. When we are needy for God, He comes to us in a strong way. Fasting demonstrates to God that our desire for Him is greater than our desire for anything else.

3. It rekindles a desire to connect with a higher power

Another advantage of fasting is that it can stimulate your desire to communicate with a higher power. We continue about our daily lives when we don’t fast. We have so much on our minds that we don’t take the time to think about what our bodies are really like.

4. Fasting answers an earnest prayer 

Fasting, as a form of prayer, makes a unique petition to God, one that is more intense than regular prayer.

Fasting is a unique prayer method that allows us to show the Giver that we value him more than his goods.

4. It helps with meditation and astral traveling

Fasting helps to prepare our minds for meditation and also aids in astral traveling. Many astral travellers have revealed that they fast before falling into the trance mode. Monks are also known to fast most of the time because there lives revolve around meditation.

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