Ruth Fuchs Cause of Death: Full Details

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Ruth Fuchs can be described as a German politician and athlete. Ruth Fuchs was born on December 14, 1946, and she represented her country, Germany in athletics. She represented Germany at the 1972 and 1976 Olympics that were held in Munich and Montreal respectively.

It must be noted that Ruth Fuchs was such a fantastic athlete and during the 1972 and 1976 Olympics games, she won the women’s javelin. Emphasis needs to be placed on the fact that she set the world record for the game of javelin six different times during the 1970s.

The personal best of Ruth Fuchs was a throw of 69.96 meters with the old javelin type. It needs to be known that she achieved this feat in April 1980. Without a doubt, Ruth Fuchs ranks seventh among all old-type javelin throwers that have represented Germany in any competitive outing.

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Even though she ranks seventh, she can be compared to the likes of Petra Feike, Kempe, Silke Renk, Beaten Koch, Karen Forkel and Tanja Damaske. Ruth Fuchs had the nickname ‘ The Woman with the Iron Arm’ and she was the first woman to ever record a javelin throw beyond 60 meters; at both the 1972 and 1976 Olympics Games.

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She is also the first Olympic medalist to serve in the Bundestag till 2002. Her second husband, Coach Karl Hellmann was referred to as an East German doping specialist. In politics, Ruth Fuchs was named ‘ Fighter for equality’s by her colleagues.

Ruth Fuchs Cause of Death

Ruth Fuchs died on September 20, 2023. She died at the University Hospital in Jens. She was 76 years old at the time of her death
The cause of her death is yet to be disclosed. She is said to have died due to undisclosed causes.

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Use of Steroids

Despite all the feats she was achieving as an athlete, Ruth Fuchs made the shocking revelation that she was using steroids during her career. According to her, the use of steroids formed part of the official East German sports program.

Life After Retirement

With the passage of time, Ruth Fuchs retired from track and field and switched to politics. She became a member of Parliament for the Party of Democratic Socialism ( now the Left Party) in the re-united Germany.


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