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Richard Hilton Net Worth. How Rich Is He?. June 2023

Richard Hilton is a Real estate mogul who was born in Los Angeles, California. His parents are Marilyn June and Barron Hilton and he is the sixth of eight children. His siblings are Ronald Jeffrey Hilton (born 1963), William Barron Hilton Jr. (born 1948), Steven Michael Hilton (born 1950), David Alan Hilton (born 1952), Hawley Anne Hilton (born 1949), Sharon Constance Hilton (born 1953) and Daniel Kevin Hilton (born 1962).

His grandfather was Conrad Hilton, the popular owner of Hilton Hotel. Richard Hilton and Kathy Avanzino got married on November 24, 1979 and at the time they got married, Richard Hilton was only 24 years and Kathy Avanzion was 20 years old.

Together, they have four children. Their first child , Paris Hilton was born on  February 17, 1981 and the second one was born on October 5, 1983. The second child is named Nicky Hilton. The third and fourth kids are Barron Hilton II who was born on November 7, 1989 and Conrad Hughes Hilton who was born March 3, 1994. Richard Hilton and Kathy Avanzino have a total of six grandchildren.

It must be noted that Richard Hilton attended the University of Denver in 1978 and graduated with a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management. Subsequently,he joined Eastdil Secured in New York. Eastdil Secured is a real estate investment banking firm and for Richard Hilton,he specialized in securing participation of institutional investors and pension funds in various transactions.

Six years after graduating from the University, he formed Hilton Realty Investment which had commercial real estate as its focus and has his broker license on November 29, 1985.

Teaming up with Jeffrey Hyland, they received a corporation license for the real estate firm Hilton & Hyland on July 26, 1993.

The likes of Former Million Dollar Listing cast members Chad Rogers and Josh Altman, Frank Robinson’s daughter, Nichelle; Ron Kass’s son, Robert; Anne Heche’s former husband, Coleman Laffoon; Rayni Romito Williams and Branden Brent Williams,[8][9] Richard D. Zanuck’s daughter-in-law, Marisa form part of the 106 sales persons of Hilton & Hyland.

Richard Hilton Net Worth

Richard Hilton is estimated to be worth about $350,000 as of March 2023. In 1980, he was worth $5 million but his net worth increased to $30 million after ten years.

In 2000, Richard Hilton saw a further boost in his net worth as he was valued at $100 million. His net worth jumped from $100 million to $250 million in 2010.


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