Renata Lusin Children. Who are they?

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Renata Lusin, a renowned dancer and teacher in dance sports from Russia, enthralls spectators with her grace and agility on the dance floor. Her journey from Kazan’s cultural epicenter to the German dance scene demonstrates her dedication to and passion for the art form.


On June 16, 1987, Renata Lusin was born in Kazan, Tatar ASSR, Soviet Union. Her mother is Tatar, and her father is Ukrainian, therefore she comes from a multiethnic family. When Lusin was barely 11 years old, she discovered her passion for dance, which launched an amazing career. She departed her native Kazan at the age of thirteen to pursue professional training in Moscow.

Lusin danced with renowned partners such as Valentin Rechetnikov and Evgeni Grigorov during her early years. Her life changed drastically when her mother posted an ad looking for a dancing partner, and Valentin Lusin’s parents, who were situated in Düsseldorf, Germany, answered when she was sixteen years old. Renata Lusin traveled to Germany to dance with Valentin Lusin, and this was the start of a life-changing chapter.

Since 2003, Renata Lusin has been an integral part of the TD Tanzsportclub Düsseldorf Rot-Weiss, dancing alongside Valentin Lusin. Their partnership flourished, making them multiple national champions in the main group S-Standard and S-Latin. The duo clinched victories in various ranking tournaments and secured the German championship over 10 dances twice. Their excellence led them to the top of the German Dance Sports Association’s main group standard ranking list multiple times.

Her acting career took off in 2018 when she starred as Elena in the short film “Just a Few Words.” She and her husband Valentin starred in the music video for “Infinitely a Dancing Couple” by Ramon Roselly the next year.

Lusin made a brave decision by appearing on the cover and in a picture series for German Playboy’s April 2021 edition, showcasing her self-assurance and embracing many aspects of her creative personality.

They achieved the highest point when they emerged victorious in the Professionals’ Showdance Standard World Championship in October 2021. After this amazing accomplishment, the pair quietly revealed that their competitive dancing career was coming to an end, leaving a lasting legacy.

Renata Lusin has moved smoothly into the position of dance trainer after retiring. Her skills are useful to clubs like TTC Schwarz-Gold Moers, Meerbuscher Tanzsport-Club, and TD Tanzsportclub Düsseldorf Rot-Weiss, where she trains prospective dancers and shares her enthusiasm for the art form.

Who are Renata Lusin’s Children?

Although Renata Lusin is married to Valentin the couple does not have a child. They had many miscarriages but recently, they made it known to the public they are expecting a baby.


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