Price of Fufu Pounding Machine in Kumasi


The old way of pounding fufu has passed. Fufu machine also known as fufu blender is the new device used to make fufu pounding easy. In this article, we are going to give you the price of fufu machine in Kumasi.

Fufu is a staple food among many Ghanaians. From years back, before many of us were born, our predecessors prepared fufu. Despite the fact that fufu is a food well enjoyed by many, it is quite tedious to prepare, especially the pounding aspect.

In recent times, fufu pounding machines have emerged to ease the stress involved in making it. The first fufu machine was developed in 2004 by a Ghanaian electrical equipment dealer known as Charles Fadegnom. He began by making a few electric fufu machines to be used in the country.

Later on, a team headed by Professor Kwadeo Kese, Dr. Lawrence Ansong and R.E Doddoo at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, came out with another fufu making machine.

Now, fufu making machines are not scarce and can be found on sale in some electrical appliance shops.

If you enjoy fufu but want to reduce the stress you go through in its preparation, then you should consider purchasing one.

fufu machine price in kumasi

This article is meant to inform you on the price of fufu pounding machine in Kumasi.

There are different types of fufu pounding machines; each type comes with its price.

Fufu pounding machine in Kumasi 2021

As at the time of writing this article a sizable fufu machine is priced between GHS 300 – GHS 850.

Please note that fufu pounding machines can be found in Accra as well. And also, the prices may vary from one supplier to another supplier.

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