Price Of Cold Storage Container In Ghana


Starting a cold store in Ghana is very lucrative provided you have access to where and how much the most important requirement for the startup is to be bought. This article will reveal to you the prices of some cold storage containers in Ghana and where to buy them from

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What Is  A Cold Storage Container 

A cold storage container also known as a refrigerator storage container is a temperature-controlled convenient shipping container. They are purposely intended to be used in between modular cargo transportation and convey temperature-sensitive things on board.

Due to the increasing demand from homes and businesses to shipping containers, cold storage containers are now used for many things aside from carrying temperature-sensitive items during travel overseas.

They are used to keep perishable items either cold or warm depending on what you want. They have the capacity to control or maintaining a wide range of internal temperatures which could range from 30 degrees Celsius to over 40 degrees Celsius

Reefer is another common name used for cold storage containers. Reefer containers are engineered to regulate and control temperature. They are the best for items that are to be kept warm, cool, hot or cold for a longer period of time. This makes them functional in all climates. They can be used to transport or store almost anything, from chemicals to food to meat, etc.
This type of storage can control wide temperature change ranges by using three main systems which are either

Integrated or external cooling units
Most refrigerator storage containers use this type of system. They are installed inside the container to keep items cold or warm. It uses an external power to recharge. When the internal power is on, it blows warm air away to keep the inside cool and blows warm air in to keep the temperature warm within the container.

This type uses metal T-flooring different from the old storage containers which used plywood floors. This metal T-flooring creates a raised floor which keeps the content of the container raised a little bit above the ground level. This makes warm or cold air easily flow below consistently.

Insulated Walls
With this system, more layers of insulation is built into the container to keep the contents cooled or warmed. The walls inside are made of insulation foam, aluminum sheets and stainless-steel sheets.

Price Of Cold Storage Container In Ghana

20ft Reefer Container (Coldstore) – GHc 64,000. Anthony Grants Cold Room (Accra) — 0204954178
40ft Container Freezer Trailor – GHc 135,000. Fredrick Kwame Boakye (Kumasi) — 0244549823
15ft modular container units – GHc 45,000. Hanny Dely (Accra) – 0248837695

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