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In this post, I am going to take you through PPR pipes and fittings price list in Ghana, as well as where to get these products at unbeatable prices.

The high molecular, creep resistant characteristics and versatility of PPR pipes makes it ideal for transporting hot fluids under pressure and aggressive fluids (chemicals, etc.)

Many PPR pipes and fittings made in Ghana are produced according to EN 1SO 15847-2 standard and EN ISO 15874 standard respectively. 

Many companies produce PPR pipes with PN10, PN16, PN20, and PN25 pressure ratings. PPR pipes and fittings are produced with dimensions of 20mm up to 100 mm. 

Benefits Of PPR Pipes 

Lighter than the traditional option of copper pipes allowing for modular installation.

Complete Plastic System
Fusion welding ensures a homogenous all-plastic system.

Potable Water Distribution
Full compliance with international standards makes pipes suitable for use in carrying drinking water and other fluids for human consumption.

Heat Preservation
Condensation and heat dispersion is greatly reduced.

Sound Insulation
Elasticity and high insulation mean increased noise reduction.

Corrosion Resistant
A smooth internal surface allows high flow speeds of the transported liquids and ensures no calcification or scaling even at high temperatures.

Taste & Odor neutral
Does not affect the quality of liquids and water.

The elasticity and welded connections of our PPR pipes make them suitable for use in earthquake prone areas.

The normal life span of 50 years and more.

Environmentally Friendly
Completely recyclable.

PPR Pipes And Fittings Price List

The table below shows the prices of PPR pipes and fittings in Ghana. 

Wavin PPR Female Thread Tee  15.00
Wavin PPR 90 degree Equal Tee  3.00
Wavin PPR Socket  5.00
Wavin PPR Reducer Bushing  1.00
Wavin PPR 90 degrees Reduced Tee 3.00
Wavin PPR 4MT Pipe Bar PN 20  85.00
Wavin PPR in-line filter  45.00
Wavin PPR Male Thread Elbow  15.00
Wavin PPR D 25 Cross  15.00


Where To Buy PPR Pipes And Fitting In Accra 

Below are some renowned plumbing stores in Accra where you can grab all your PPR Pipes and fittings at very competitive prices. 

  • Samodak Enterprise
  • Haiflow Sal 
  • Magil Enterprise 
  • SupplyMaster.com
  • Kdankama
  • Nkanka Trading Ltd. 
  • Plastofer Ghana Ltd.

You can also visit any renowned building material dealer near you and inquire about PPR pipes. 

For convenience sake, you can also other for your PPR pipes and fittings online at Supplymaster.com or Jiji.com.gh.

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