5kg Gas Cylinder Stove Price In Ghana


In this post, I am going to take you through the 5kg gas cylinder stove price in Ghana, where you can these stoves at unbeatable prices, as well as other necessary information worth knowing about these gas stoves. 

5kg gas cylinder stoves are in high demand in Ghana because of how it has made the life of many bachelors and students easier in their homes and campus respectively. 

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5kg gas cylinder stoves are very affordable to re-fill when the LPG inside gets exhausted and also very easy to transport around unlike bigger ones which re-filling can become very stressful when you don’t have your own vehicle. 

Just in case, you are thinking of getting yourself one of these 5kg gas stoves, then knowing how much it will cost you before you step out is very important. Keep reading this post to find out. Let’s look at the product details of these gas stoves next. 

Product Details 

 Product name  5KG LPG Cylinder
 Height  347mm
 Water capacity  12L
 Diameter  250mm
 Test Pressure  34bar
 Working Pressure  18bar
 Color and printing  Customizable
 Relevant product  Valve, Hose, Regulator, Camping Burner, Stand Burner
  • Water capacity: 12L
  • Diameter: 250mm
  • Height: 347mm
  • Working pressure: 18bar
  • Test pressure: 34bar

5kg Gas Cylinder Stove Price In Ghana

The price of 5kg Gas cylinder stoves varies depending on the seller. However, the average price of 5kg gas cylinder stoves on the Ghanaian market is GHC 280.00

Avoid buying your gas cylinder stove on the roadside if you want a bag for your money. Check out the following stores if you are living in Accra to grab your gas cylinder stoves.  

Where To Buy 5kg Gas Cylinder Stoves In Accra 

  • Nakna Electricals Enterprise
  • Xpress Gas Limited
  • Goodluck Africa Ltd
  • Gaso – Global Gas 

If you want to order your gas cylinder stove online for the sake of convenience, then below are a few websites you can check out. 

Watch the video below: 


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