Top poultry farms in Ghana. Complete List

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What are the top poultry farms/farmers in Ghana?

The poultry industry in Ghana is booming as the demand of eggs and meat keeps increasing. This post on the list on poultry farms in Ghana would be useful to existing poultry farmers and any user who have future plans to start a poultry farm.

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Majority of the poultry farms in Ghana are small scale farms who are into eggs and meat production. These small scale farms usually rear meat to target festive seasons in order to get quick returns. Few are the large scale poultry farms in Ghana.

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In this post we are going to focus on the large scale poultry farmers in the country.

These large scale farms are mostly into the production of:

  • Broiler (for meat)
  • Layers (for eggs)
  • Poultry feed production
  • Hatchery
  • Manure production
  • Production of egg shells

List of poultry farms in Ghana

Below is a comprehensive list of the top poultry farms, their location, contact details, services and other relevant information.

  • Darko farms

Darko farms has made a name in the agricultural sector in Ghana and the West Africa Sub Region. It is also one of the largest suppliers of day-old chicks in West Africa.

According to them, they supply over 5 million (5,000,000) hatchlings each year.

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They have been in the poultry farm industry for a very long time and have gained the necessary experience needed for your farm to succeed.

Get in touch with them to purchase your day old chicks.


Accra: 0303 93 3132

Kumasi: 03220 24372

Email: [email protected]


  • Akate Farms

Akate Farms has grown to become one of the industry giants in terms of poultry farming.

Contact them for quality and affordable day-old chicks.

Telephone: +233 0322071246

Physical Address

Dote Junction, Buokrom Estate, Kumasi, Ghana

  • Akro Farms

Akro Farms deals in the sale of day old chicks, manure and other poultry farming products. All our chicks are hatched in a hospital-like environment from our 40,000 capacity international standard hatchery unit.

For more information call 0244403090

  • LINNOVAC Poultry Farm

LADA Innovation & Creativity (LINNOVAC) farms is located at Adieso in the Eastern Region of Ghana. Presently we have a little over 800 layers and over a 1000 broilers at the farm

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At LINNOVAC Farms, Poultry feed is self-prepared to ensure the chicks get the required necessary nutrients and in the right amounts at every stage of their development cycle.The broilers are also organically reared and their meat goes through a hygienic preparation method, in the best of environment before being packaged for sale.


We will continue to update this article with the top poultry farms in Ghana. Share this with family and friends who may find this write up useful.

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Other poultry farms in Ghana

  • Greater Accra Poultry Farmers Association
  • Kwadwo Adamu Unity Farms Limited
  • Ansu Pramag Farms

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