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Nutritionist Salary in Ghana. June 2023

Ghana Insider brings you nutritionist salary in Ghana.

Over the past weeks, our editorial team have had a lot of request on how much nutritionist earn monthly in Ghana. For this reason, we did all the necessary research to put together this piece.

In this poste we are going to make known to you every detail about the salary structure of nutritionist especially in Ghana.

What we are going to discuss include but not limited to the following.

  • Who a nutritionist is
  • Salary structure
  • Monthly pay
  • Allowances
  • ranks
  • and a lot more.

A nutritionist is a person who advises others on matters of food and nutrition and their impacts on health.


Like every other field of endeavor, the salary of a nutritionist differ according to so many factors. Some of these factors that may differ the salary of nutritionist include but not limited to the following.

Educational qualification: a nutritionist with a higher educational background is obviously going to earn higher wages than those with lower educational qualification. For a example in Ghana, nutritionist with Bachelor’s degree are likely to earn higher than their colleagues with diploma and certificates.


Work experience: having a significant years of experience as nutritionist gives you an edge over those with little or no experience.

Sector of work: private companies mostly pay better than those working in government or public institutions.

Table of Contents

Nutritionist salary structure in Ghana

The salary is divided into different components including:

  • single spine
  • income tax
  • association dues
  • market premium
  • SSNIT Contributions
  • and a lot more

Monthly salary of nutritionist

A registered nutritionist in Ghana is likely to make a net salary of GHC 1,308.00 – GHC 2,772.00 a month.

Things to note

Nutritionist working in hospitals are likely to receive the Covid-19 income tax waiver

Annual income of Nutritionist in Ghana

The annual net salary of a registered nutritionist in Ghana is GHC 35,000.00.

This salary may differ from facility to facility. Speak with the head of your hospital before you apply for employment. Thank you.


NOTE: The amount mentioned above may not be the exact amount received by nutritionist. We at Ghana Insider just give an estimate based on information we have gathered. If you have a more accurate information, kindly let us know by leaving a comment below. Thank you.


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