8 Ways AI Chatbots Can Transform Your Business


We are in the era of chatbots. Chatbots have met widespread acceptance in the last two years, as they have evolved to better and more effective. Multinational corporations and big businesses like Air France, Spotify, Pizza hut and Domino’s Pizza have incorporated chatbots into their social media customer service strategy. 

Messenger bots, bots dedicated for use on Facebook Messenger, have reached more than 120,000 on the platform. Up to 50% of the youth populace interact with chatbots daily, while more than 70 % of business owners intend to use chatbots before the year ends. 

This reflects the mainstream popularity of chatbots. The chances are that your competitors are already incorporating these pieces of AI-powered chatbots into their business strategy. Chatbots can immensely streamline your business operation, from marketing research to customer service, enhancing your customer experience and engagement. 

Demandbase, a marketing research firm, discovered in their survey that more than 75% of marketing experts predict marketing will be revolutionised by artificial intelligence within the next three years. They listed the benefits of Artificial Intelligence as:

  • Better insights into accounts 
  • More detailed analysis of campaigns 
  • Identifying prospective customers 
  • Expediting daily tasks 

AI-powered chatbots can even do more to add value to your business, workers and customers. Chatbots can tremendously reduce expenses and automate repetitive tasks, allowing our business to reach more demographics and serve more customers.

Your workers need not worry about boring, monotonous tasks that kill creativity; chatbots will handle them efficiently. Your employees will work more excellently and render superior performance, thanks to intelligent chatbots, as their focus will be on high-value tasks that will fuel their creative endeavours and innovativeness. 

Holistically, chatbots can assist your business in offering a more superior, consistent and unforgettable experience for customers. 

Here’s how AI chatbots can transform your business:

Boost Marketing and sales strategy

Intelligent chatbots, such as Zebrabuzz, can immensely add value to your marketing, improving sales and revenue. Here’s how chatbots can positively impact your marketing strategy: 

  • Better brand marketing  It can never get boring with chatbots. They are highly interactive and exciting to engage with. They can add freshness to your customers’ experience. Through bot marketing, your entire marketing strategy can be automated, allowing you to interact with your customers at their comfort zone creatively. 
  • Widespread reach via social media  Because of chatbot’s ability to optimise social media marketing, marketers recommend the mandatory use of these intelligent virtual assistants. The rate of which chatbots optimise customer engagement on social media channels, especially Facebook, is mindblowing. Imbued with the machine learning and natural language processing capacities, intelligent chatbots can interact with your customers in a ‘human-like’ and natural manner and strive to understand your customers and their needs. This will help you acquire new customers and improve your relationship with old customers. 
  • Lead nurturing  Chatbots delivers a simpler and quicker way to nurture leads. AI chatbots gather and analyse data on the purchase behaviour and product interests of your customers, assisting you in crafting a more potent email campaign.  Chatbots can also notify your customers on a timely basis, ensuring no customer is not followed-up. 


Boost your overall business productivity

One of the biggest myths we try hard to dispel is that chatbot will render workers jobless in the area of marketing and customer service. This is false and grossly inaccurate. Chatbots need human collaboration to effective function. They are competent in handling easy, frequently asked, straightforward questions, similar to the one in their knowledge base. For complex and intricately-woven enquiries and complaints, they will gladly transfer the customer to a human agent.

Chatbots can be used to automate monotonous and repetitive enquiries from your customers. Your agents will be better suited to tackle high-value questions. This will ultimately boost business productivity. 


Round-the-clock customer service

Today, superior quality customer service is synonymous to 24/7 customer service, which can be too expensive for businesses. The chatbot is an affordable solution to this challenge. 

With chatbots, your business never goes offline, it will remain active to attend to customers’ needs, whether at 1 AM or 9 PM or during holidays. This will create a positive reputation for your business while keeping your customers happy. 


Improve branding 

At the heart of chatbot’s creation is the need to help businesses with branding, increased customer relationships and engagement. 

Here are ways in which chatbots can add positive value to your brand: 

  • Enhanced customer engagement  Customer engagement is a good indicator of how successful a business can be. Low customer engagement correlates with high customer churn rates. Chatbots help boost your engagement with customers by delivering multimedia content that can captivate customers. They can be used to creatively send the latest information, flash sales, product giveaways and holiday promotions to customers. 
  • Higher open rates Messenger bots can trigger higher opening rates than email because they initiate conversations with your customers, providing them with real-time replies. According to the latest study, the use of bots on messenger platforms can increase your open rates by 98%. 
  • Personalised customer experience  Chatbots are very flexible and can be designed to interact with customers, delivering a personalised experience for them. For instance, there is the ‘Facebook auto liker’ feature, which allows your chatbot to automatically ‘like’ your customer’s positive comment on your page. You can also personify your chatbots to be humorous or knowledgable, depending on your business model. This will create an aura of fun when customers relate with your bot. 
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