Plastic Recycling Companies In Ghana

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Recycling And Its Importance

Recycling involves the processing of used or abandoned materials into new usable products. Recycling ensures that, less waste is left behind which in turn ensures that, less amount of harmful chemicals from these waste, are deposited into the environment. Thanks to the emergence of the plastic recycling companies in Ghana. 

About not less than 70% of the things we can see around us, can be recycled however, different techniques are required to recycle different materials. Aside the fact that recycling reduces the cost in manufacturing new products, it is also critical in saving both humans lives and the environment. Water, soil and air pollutions are drastically reduced as a result of recycling.

List Of Recycling Companies In Ghana

Ghana is one of the countries that is yearning to have some of the cleanness cities in Africa. In order to achieve this, many recycling companies are striving hard to get rid of the waste materials in the country. In order to expose you to some of these recycling companies, this article has captured some of the top plastic recycling companies in Ghana.

1. Coliba Ghana Limited

Coliba Ghana are the first of its kind across West Africa to implement a digital platform (Coliba 2.0, an African Mobile App) for managing plastic waste. 


Technically, Coliba Ghana have integrated the Coliba Rangers, that’s the waste pickers, into the digital platform (Coliba 2.0, the Mobile App) in order for individuals, homes, institutions and communities, to be able to request recycling services by just clicking on the Coliba 2.0.

Contact Information

Address: House No 25, Dela Avenue, Adjacent NHIS office, Abeka Lapaz, Accra.

Phone numbers and email: 0302963207, 0208563799 and [email protected] respectively.

2. Nelplast

Nelplast is an industrial processing company based in Accra that recycle all sorts of plastic waste in different kinds of products for industrial or domestic usage. 

Nelplast are one of the major producers of plastic materials in Ghana. Again, they are able to use plastic waste to make pavement blocks and other building materials. 

Contact Information

Address: P.O Box 2340, Tema – Ghana.

Phone numbers and email: +233 303 970873, +233 303 970873, +233 241 324 176 and [email protected]

3. Polytex Ghana

Polytex Ghana is one of the largest manufacturers of plastic products in Ghana. They are able to convert plastic wastes into usable products such as plastic bottles, gallons, plastic jars and etc.

Contact Information

Address: No.9 Dadeban Road North Industrial Area – Kaneshie, Accra

Phone numbers and email: 0204479092, 0269869840, 0244451160, 0544315443 0501518396 and [email protected] respectively.

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4. SESA Recycling

This is another great waste recycling company in Ghana. SESA Recycling recovers waste materials and deliver them to local manufacturing companies. This is done by providing incentives for individuals who provide them with this waste materials. 

SESA Recycling usually recycle/want waste products such as water bottles (clear/blue), pure water sachets, broken chairs, crates, hard plastics and beverages cans. One who has or has gathered these kind of waste materials can call on them for collection.

Contact Information

Email: [email protected]  

Phone number: 054 0304 865.

5. EazyWaste Ghana

EazyWaste Ghana goes beyond just buying and recycling of plastic materials though, they are touted as one of the best recycling companies in Ghana.

EazyWaste Ghana operate community recycling centres where they buy and collect plastic waste materials from collectors, households and institutions. They go ahead to process these plastics and sell them to plastic manufacturing companies and other recycling plants for the usage as raw materials for their production.

One great feature about EazyWaste Ghana is that, they offer free training, education, and advocacy on proper waste management practices, recycling and reuse to educational institutions, religious organizations and both private and government agencies.

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Contact Information

Phone numbers: 0262626916 and 0540577785

Email: [email protected]

6. Repatrn

Repatrn is another great plastic recycling company that is ensuring that, people re-pattern their minds and stop believing that, plastics are waste but rather perceive plastics as a precious and useful product. Since it is hard to get rid of plastic materials, Repatrn’s goal is to add a long term value to them of which people will like to keep for a longer time.

In so doing, Repatrn buy clean waste plastic bottles from collectors and recycle them into long-lasting and high-quality products. 

It’s amazing how Repatrn in turn support the education of children with the money they get from their services. Again, they have collaborated with Environment 360 to ensure that, waste plastic bottles are placed in dedicated bins rather than the environment.

Contact Information

Address: P.O.BOX OS 1910 OSU-ACCRA, GHANA. 

Phone number and email: +233 24 131 48 41 and [email protected] respectively.

7. Gigaplast

Giga Plast is one of the biggest plastic recycling companies in Ghana which is located in Gomoa Dominase, Central Region. They are basically into the recycling of waste PVC pipes into new usable PVC pipes.

Contact Information

​​​Phone numbers and email: +233 0244608695, +233 50 2840676 and [email protected] respectively.

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