High Five Emoji Meaning. Pray or High Five?

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One of the most used emojis in our everyday chat is the high five emoji also known as the prayer emoji. What meaning does that emoji actually carry? Well, in this post we are going to give you the meaning of the high-five emoji.

The actual meaning of emojis depends on the parties communicating. For example, the thumbs up emoji which actually mean a thumbs up can be interpreted as a blow.

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The actual meaning of emojis can be given by the creators. Otherwise, we are allowed to interpret emojis in our own ways.

The actual Meaning of High-Five Emoji

A simple emoji search of “High Five” on WhatsApp Web/WhatsApp actually shows two emojis.

High Five Emoji Meaning. Pray or High Five? 2

When you search for “pray”, the emojis below shows up in the results.

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High Five Emoji Meaning. Pray or High Five? 3

Note: the search can be done on iPhone too. You can copy the emojis used in this article for use.

The Truth

Based on the search conducted above, the high five emoji could hold several meanings like other emojis do. To further clarify things, the high five emojis can hold the following meanings in a typical WhatsApp Chat

  • High five
  • Pray
  • Thank you
  • Please
  • Noted
  • Person with folded hands
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The high five emoji can carry several meanings depending on the parties having the conversation. What do you usually use that emoji for? Leave your answer in the comment section. Thank you.

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