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Physiotherapy Salary in Ghana. Full Details. June 2023

We bring you the salary of physiotherapist in Ghana. How much does a registered physiotherapist earn monthly or annually in Ghana?

We are going to give you the details of the salary of  a physiotherapist in Ghana. Thus, the monthly salary, annual salary, allowances, salary structure/components and many more.

Who is a physiotherapist?

A physiotherapist is a health care professional who helps patients achieve maximum range of movement and physical ability, either by developing it in the first place or restoring it after loss of physical ability due to illness, injury or aging.

Roles of a physiotherapist

As stated clearly above, a physiotherapist performs the following functions

  • Collect, organize, prioritize and document information to make safe, appropriate and timely decisions regarding patient care for the purposes of examination, evaluation, assessment, intervention, discharge, and or referral for any patient.
  • Comprehend, retain, recall, and apply complex information learned in required prerequisite courses to the program’s professional course work.
  • Recognize the psychosocial impact of movement dysfunction and disability on the client and caregivers and integrate these needs into patient examinations, evaluations, assessments, interventions, discharges, and or referrals.
  • And a lot more


Now let’s take a look at how much this medical specialty are paid monthly and yearly.

Like other disciplines, the higher your year of experience, the higher your salary. Same applies in the medical field.


In Ghana, almost all medical specialist earns similar salary.

Physiotherapist are part of the Medial specialties and the details of their salaries are explained below.

Components of Medical Specialist (Physiotherapy) Salary

  • Single spine salary structure
  • Covid 19 income tax waiver
  • Allowances
  • Tax deductions
  • Association deductions


Salary of Physiotherapist in Ghana 2020

A qualified physiotherapist earns between GHC 1,500 – GHC 2,000

This salary may differ from facility to facility. Speak with the head of your hospital before you apply for employment. Thank you.


Like other professionals in the public sector, medical specialists get allowances (in hospitable allowance, fuel allowance, etc) which increases the average salary per month.

Physiotherapist working in private facilities salaries differ from those working the public hospitals.

NOTE: The amount mentioned above might not be the exact amount received by Ghana Physiotherapists We at Ghana Insider just give an estimate based on information we have gathered. If you have a more accurate information, kindly let us know by leaving a comment below. Thank you.

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