Pastor dies after 40 days fasting, he wanted to imitate Jesus Christ


A preacher from Mozambique passed away after fasting for 40 days in an effort to imitate what the Bible claims Jesus Christ did.

On Wednesday, it was officially announced that Francisco Barajah, the founder and pastor of the Santa Trindade Evangelical Church in Manica’s central region, had passed away.
He was sent in critical condition to a hospital in Beira, where he passed away while receiving medical care.

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He had dropped so much weight after 25 days of fasting that he was unable to move, stand up, or even take a bath.

Days later, he was transferred to a hospital at the urging of family members and believers, but efforts to revive him were not yielding any results.

Due to his drastic weight loss and altered body shape in recent days, members of his church and his neighbors were not surprised by the course of events.

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