Orca Deco Furniture Prices

Every one of us uses furniture. In our residential apartments, workplaces, churches, offices and etc. I guess no one wants to use an inferior or a furniture that is less durable. Moving on in this post, I will provide you with prices of furniture at one of the leading furniture companies in Ghana.

Orca Deco Bed Prices

Furniture refers to any furnishings that make a room or other area ready for occupancy. For instance: Wing chair, TV stand, Sofa, Cushion, End table, Study table, Coffee table, Office chair, Bookshelf, Cabinets and several others. From occupying space to styling a room, there are lots of benefits that furniture provides.

One of the leading furniture dealers in Ghana is Orca Deco. They are known for quality and affordable furniture products. With respect to this, let’s see how much furniture cost at their premises. 

Orca Deco Furniture Prices 1

As you go through this post, you will come across:

  • The services offered by Orca Deco Ghana
  • Products Of Orca Deco Ghana.
  • Prices Of Furniture At Orca Deco Ghana.
  • Address Of Orca Deco Ghana
  • Contact Information Of Orca Deco Ghana And Etc…
About Orca Deco Ghana

As mentioned earlier, Orca Deco Ghana is one of the leading furniture companies in Africa. Apart from furniture, they also supply their customers with suplementary decorations and outdoor items at affordable prices.

Let’s see how it all begun. From a humble beginning! Orca Deco was founded in 2001 in Dakar, Senegal. 

I will emphatically state here that, Orca Deco’s story is one of those “grass to grace” stories. As a matter of fact, Orca Deco started its operation from a little store. It started small by selling tumbler glasses and some textiles on a busy street in Dakar.

Currently, Orca Deco can proudly state that, they have about 18 companies in eighteen African countries with not less than 30 state of the art showrooms and then, over 50,000 product references.

Products Of Orca Deco

You may want to know the prices of Orca Deco’s products. Orca Deco Ghana has lots of products in stock. 

These products are specifically designed to suit: 

  • Living Room
  • Dining Room
  • Office
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom and other departments.

Other products include:

  • Decoration Accessories
  • Rugs And Textiles
  • Lightning
  • Laundry & Cleaning Agents and etc..

Please use this link here for a complete list of Orca Deco’s products and their prices.

Orca Deco Furniture Prices
Cabinet Melamine Faced Chipboard 173×41.5 – clr: opaque white /BLACK WOOD – 2CL

Price: ₵1,900.00.

Buffet + Mirror 170×48 – CLR: Ebony – C

Price: ₵5,200.00

Please use this link here for a complete list of Orca Deco’s products and their prices.

Dinning Car 100x40x80 – Clr: Walnut – C

Price: ₵3,100.00

Buffet 1600x400x850 Mdf+iron – Color Walnut – 1C

Price: ₵3,800.00

Arty 2d Shoe Cabinet – CLR: – C

Price: ₵2,570.00

Please use this link here for a complete list of Orca Deco’s products and their prices.

Services Of Orca Deco Ghana

There are lots of services that Orca Deco’s customers really enjoy. These includes:

Asset Finance Scheme

Orca Deco Ghana has collaborated with 1st Atlantic Bank, Access Bank Ghana, Société Générale Ghana, Consolidated Bank Ghana and Ecobank Ghana to enable only salaried workers and companies in Ghana to buy any product they desire and pay for it over a period of 12 months with no interest.

Please use this link here for a complete list of Orca Deco’s products and their prices.

Orca Business Solutions
Gift Registry
Orca Wishlist
Gift Vouchers
Delivery Service
Location Of Orca Deco Ghana

You can locate Orca Deco Ghana in:

  • Kumasi
  • Accra
Contact Information – Orca Deco Ghana

Those in Accra can contact Orca Deco thru: (+233) 24 440 0444

Those in Kumasi can contact Orca Deco thru: +233(0) 50 163 3554

Email: [email protected]

Website: orcadeco.com.gh

Thanks. All the best as well. Your feedbacks are kindly welcomed.


Orca Deco Furniture Prices 2
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