Ophelia Perfume Price In Ghana


Settling on the right perfume is another form of feelings. The right perfume will not only boost your confidence level but also, change your whole mood. Here, we’re going to tell you more about one of these outstanding perfumes. As you can infer, it’s all about Ophelia Perfume. 

In essence, we’re going to let you know more about Ophelia Perfume, also known as Ophylia Perfume. You’ll equally come across the prices of Ophylia perfume as you move further in this post. 

About Ophelia Perfume

Ophelia Perfume invigorates elegance and neatness. This aromatic woody scent primarily evince grassy accents of basil and lavender. Ophylia perfume can assure you of 48 hours freshness. 

How To Choose The Best Perfume

Choosing the right perfume that matches your personality can be daunting sometimes. For this reason, we have provided you with some simple steps to follow. 

Choose Your Notes

Perfumes have different notes. These notes enable one to determine the gross scents of these perfumes. For example, a perfume considered floral may come with different scent notes such as gardenia, geranium or rose. 

Also, those considered fruitier may contain undertones of citrus or apple. Exotic perfumes have spicy notes like star anise or cinnamon.

There are lots of these notes hence, all you have to do is to learn about the note that will perfectly suit you. 

Choose A Concentration

Four levels of perfume concentration exist. Perfume or parfum is the first level and, it is the highest level. It can last throughout the day. Eau de parfum is the second level and, it can last for six hours after a single application. Eau de toilette is the third level. Eau de cologne is the last perfume concentration level. Therefore, choose the concentration that will suit you. 

Test The Fragrance

Every perfume has to be tested therefore, prior to purchasing the perfume, try a bit of it on your skin first. 

Does BossLady Cosmetics Sell Ophelia Perfume?

BossLady Cosmetics is an all-round cosmetic shop that sells perfumes, hair and skin care products, etc. They’re located in Ho, Volta Region. You can contact them thru +233 24 164 8023 to find out whether they have Ophylia perfume available. 

Price Of Ophelia Perfume In Ghana

What Is The Price Of Ophylia Perfume In Ghana?

Prices of Ophylia perfumes may vary slightly from shop to shop or store to store. Perhaps, these prices are determined by the type of Ophelia Perfume you need. Due to this, to purchase Ophelia perfume, you need to have about GH¢ 50 — GH¢ 280.

For instance, on Jiji Ghana, Ophelia Perfume is sold around GH¢ 120. Then also, it’s sold around GH¢ 75 — GH¢ 100 on the ghloozap platform. On Jumia Ghana, Ophelia Perfume is sold around GH¢ 85 — GH¢ 280. 

Take note, the prices quoted above aren’t fixed prices hence, they are bound to change with time. 

Where To Buy Ophelia Perfume In Ghana

You can purchase Ophylia Perfume at any of the following outlets below:

  • BossLady Cosmetics
  • Jiji Ghana
  • Perfume Ghana
  • Tonaton Ghana 
  • Ghanabuyandsell
  • Jumia Ghana

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