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No Sex For 6 Months In Relationship. What Happens. September 2023

Relationships are peculiar, conditions that enhance one relationship may differ from another relationship. With some, sex can be a factor, but others are different altogether. Sex plays important roles in some healthy relationships. For instance, it brings about intimacy. Regardless of that, are there some consequences of lack of sex in a relationship?

We are going to tell you what happens in a relationship when there is no sex for six (6) months, or even beyond 6 months.

Reasons People Stop Having Sex In Relationships 

Several reasons may account for people in relationships not having sex for long period of time. Some of these reasons are: 


One of the main reasons people in a relationship can stop having sex for such a long period of time is when sex isn’t their priority. Higher attention may be given to work, kids or other stuffs other than sex. In this case, sex is treated as an event, it is rather scheduled.

Though this couple may chill together, visit their families, etc, sex wouldn’t be something they will prefer to do on daily basis. 

Too Much Rejection

Sex may stop in a relationship when one partner is suffering rejection. This usually happens when one partner is not experiencing reciprocal sex in the relationship. For instance, when he or she is the only one calling out for sex, it may appear the other partner isn’t interested in him/ her. 


When one is done with one task, yet still there are more tasks to attend to, stress becomes a reality. Sex can stop in a relationship when one partner is always in stress. 

Other factors such as different sexual appetite, low libido, etc may account for lack of sex in a relationship. When the reason can’t be figured out, then one needs to see a psychologist to figure that out. 

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No Sex For Several Months In Relationship. What Happens

Sex has several benefits in romantic relationships. From physical benefits, emotional benefits to mental benefits.

For instance, sex reduces stress and anxiety, brings about intimacy, supports good health, enhances sleep, build self esteem, builds trust in couples and several others. 

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Everyone can survive without having sex, however most people won’t be doing well overall. Every couple has their own level of sexual desire and preferences in terms of frequency of sex and, this is something usually discussed about by sexual partners. 

The Bottom Line 

Factors such communication, tolerance, consent, commitment and respect contribute to a healthy sexual relationship. Therefore partners must always discuss about their needs to prevent a sexless relationship.

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