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Beatrice Egli Biography

Beatrice Egli is a Swiss pop and Schlager singer who rose to fame as the winner of season 10 of the German music competition “Deutschland sucht den Superstar.”

She was born on June 21, 1988, and has been singing since she was a young child. Her family is an Austrian-Swiss butcher. Egli’s love of music inspired her to take part in a number of festivals and work with well-known musicians like Lys Assia.

Beatrice Egli Show: So aufgeregt waren die Stars vor ihrem Auftritt in der  Sendung der Schlagersängerin | Das Erste

The album “Sag mir wo wohnen die Engel,” which was issued by Egli and Lys Assia in 2007, had the title tune as a designated single.

Additionally, they participated in the 2007 Grand Prix der Volksmusik contest. Egli applied to “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” in 2011, and throughout the competition, she dazzled the audience with her performances.

Following the competition, Egli released her winning song, “Mein Herz,” which immediately shot to the top of the charts in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Her album “Glücksgefühle,” which debuted at number one in Switzerland and had excellent ratings in Germany and Austria, followed this triumph. To support the album, she started the lucrative Glücksgefühle Tour.

Beatrice Egli über ihren Musikgeschmack: Das hört sie privat | MDR.DE

“Bis hierher und viel weiter,” Egli’s studio album from 2014, debuted at the top of the Swiss charts. The single “Wir leben laut” was released after the album’s lead single, “Auf die Plätze, fertig, ins Glück.”

In 2015 and 2016, Egli hosted her own programme named “Die große Show der Träume” as her fame grew.

Both of Egli’s subsequent albums, “Wohlfühlgarantie” in 2018 and “Kick im Augenblick” in 2016, produced hit songs like “Herz an” and “Verliebt, verlobt, verflixt nochmal.” She has had a fruitful music career and has won awards like the Swiss Music Award and the Echo.

Beatrice Egli has enthralled listeners with her powerful vocals and endearing personality throughout her career. She is still a well-known character in the pop and Schlager music scenes thanks to her unwavering passion for music.

Beatrice Egli Weight

Beatrice Egli has a weight that stands at 128 lb or approximately 58 kg.

Beatrice Egli Age

The Swiss pop and Schlager singer Beatrice Egli was born on June 21, 1988. She has established herself as a leading figure in the music business because of her alluring voice and dynamic performances.

Egli, who is 33 years old, has amassed a devoted following and achieved notable success.

Beatrice Egli Parents

Beatrice Egli’s parents are Ida Egli-Keller and Bruno Egli-Keller. They have been crucial in her life, giving her love, support, and advice all along the way.

Beatrice Egli’s upbringing and success have clearly benefited from the presence and impact of Ida Egli-Keller and Bruno Egli-Keller, despite the fact that there isn’t much information on them.

They have supported their daughter’s work and honoured her accomplishments as private individuals, standing by her side as she rose to prominence in the music industry.

Show (Original Airdate) Song (Artist) Percentage of calls
Top 10 “Ich liebe das Leben” (Vicky Leandros) 24.15% (1/10)
Top 9 “Ich will immer wieder dieses Fieber spür’n” (Helene Fischer) 26.43% (1/9)
Top 8 “Du hast mich tausend Mal belogen” (Andrea Berg) 33.06% (1/8)
Top 7 “Küss mich, halt mich, lieb mich” (Ella Endlich) 29.67% (1/7)
Top 6 “Eine neue Liebe ist wie ein neues Leben” (Jürgen Marcus) 29.20% (1/6)
“Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” (Starship) (duet with Ricardo Bielecki)
Top 5 “Du fängst mich auf und lässt mich fliegen” (Helene Fischer) 36.89% (1/5)
“No No Never” (Texas Lightning)
Top 4 “Phänomen” (Helene Fischer) 35.66% (1/4)
“Du kannst noch nicht mal richtig lügen” (Andrea Berg)
Top 3 “Die Hölle morgen früh” (Helene Fischer) 53.70% (1/3)
“Ich lebe” (Christina Stürmer)
“Die Gefühle haben Schweigepflicht” (Andrea Berg)
Top 2 “Und morgen früh küss ich dich wach” (Helene Fischer) 70.25% (1/2)
“Ich liebe das Leben” (Vicky Leandros)
“Mein Herz”
Studio albums
1. Sag mir wo wohnen die Engel (2007)
2. Wenn der Himmel es so will (2008)
3. Feuer und Flamme (2011)
4. Glücksgefühle (2013)
5. Pure Lebensfreude (2013)
6. Bis hierher und viel weiter (2014)
7. Kick im Augenblick (2016)
8. Wohlfühlgarantie (2018)
9. Natürlich! (2019)
10. Mini Schwiiz, mini Heimat (2020)
– Echo
– 2014: for Newcomer des Jahres (international)
– Prix Walo
– 2014: for Schlager
– Swiss Music Awards
– 2015: Best Female Solo Act
– 2017: Best Female Solo Act
– 2021: Best Female Solo Act

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