Nasco Gas Cooker Price in Ghana. Full Details

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Nasco gas cooker is a product of Nasco, a Nigerian based group that is quietly building a reputation for itself as one of the largest fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies in the West Africa region.

Nasco is a trusted electronics brand that makes some of the best kitchen appliances including fridges, gas cookers, kettles, mixers and blenders.

In this article, we at Ghana Insider will take you through the prices of Nasco gas cookers on the Ghanaian market. But before that let’s look at the various types of gas cookers Nasco has on offer for its consumers. 

Types Of Gas Cookers

Standing pilot and electric ignition sources are the two most common types of ignition sources used in modern gas stoves.s

Standing Pilot Gas Cooker 

The gas streaming out of the burners is lit by this flame when the stove is turned on. The standing pilot method has the benefit of being simple and fully independent of any external power source. The flames devour fuel even when the stove is not in use, which is a slight disadvantage.

Electric Ignition Gas Cooker 

The surface burners on electric ignition stoves are ignited by electric sparks. This is the “clicking sound” that can be heard right before the burner turns on. The sparks are started by either turning the gas burner knob to the “LITE” position or pressing the “ignition” button. The knob is turned further to control the flame size once the burner is lit.

The user does not need to know or understand the wait-then-turn procedure while using auto reignition. When the flame starts, they simply turn the burner knob to the appropriate flame size, and the sparking is switched off immediately.

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Nasco Gas Cooker Price in Ghana

The price of Nasco gas cooker is hugely dependent on the number of burners on the stove and the model. 

The price of Nasco four (4) gas cookers ranges between GHS 890.00 to GHS 1,899.00 whiles the price of Nasco five-burner full stainless steel gas cooker ranges between GHS 2,750.00 to GHS 3,289.00.

Where to buy Nasco Gas cooker In Ghana 

Below are some online stores where you can shop for various models of Nasco Gas cookers in Ghana. 

You can also visit any Nasco office near you to buy your Nasco gas cooker today. 

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