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About MTNN Qwikloan Application

Are you a frequent user of MTN mobile money and in urgent need of some fast money? In Ghana today, obtaining an immediate loan is significantly simpler. It is confusing at the moment to see such a large number of microfinance companies alongside other lending groups.

In fact, they are all aggressively promoting themselves in an effort to attract desperate borrowers.

Not to mention the numerous internet lenders that are appearing every day in an effort to corner the industry.

Today, our attention is on MTN’s QwikLoan lending service, which enables you to obtain credit through MTN Mobile Money.

MTN QwikLoan Application Process

A short-term loan known as a QWIKLOAN is given out and paid back using your MTN mobile money wallet. To get your loan right away after receiving an SMS verifying your eligibility, just follow these steps:

  1. Dial the short code *170# on your MTN Handset
  2. Choose option 5 to access Financial Services option
  3. Choose option 3 for loans
  4. Choose option 1 for Qwikloan
  5. Choose option 1 for Request Loan
  6. Choose your loan amount
  7. Confirm your repayment plan (Number of days to payback)
  8. On the next screen, enter your secret Mobile Money Pin to finalize the process

Your loan application will be immediately approved, and you’ll receive an SMS confirming the transfer of funds to your MoMo wallet.

When you make a subsequent request, you will be granted a bigger amount if you are successful in repaying the loan promptly with the 6.9 percent interest rate.

How To Repay Your MTN QwikLoan

  • How To Repay Your MTN Qwikloan Manually
  • Dial *170# on your mobile phone
  • Choose option 5 — for Financial Services
  • Select option 3 — for Loans
  • Choose option 1 — for QWIKLOAN
  • Select option 2 — for Repay my loan
  • Enter your MoMo PIN to confirm
  • Choose to your own amount or repay full loan balance of GHS xxx
  • Select 1 to confirm

You have finished repaying your MTN Qwikloan, and you are now eligible to apply for a loan that is more expensive than the one you just received.

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