How to Check Your NBSSI Loan Application Status

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About NBSSI Loan

The Ghana Economic Transformation Project (GETP), funded by the World Bank, and the Ghana Tourism Development Project are being carried out by the Ghana Enterprises Agency (previously the National Board for Small Scale Industries), an organization under the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MoTI) (GTDP). These two World Bank-funded projects aim to boost company growth and private investments in non-resource-based industries, as well as boost tourism in certain Ghanaian locations.

“COVID-19 has put the global economic system under pressure, and every nation has felt its savagery. In Ghana, the effects have included firm closures, higher production costs, lower earnings, and in certain cases, job losses. MSMEs, particularly those operating in the informal sector, which makes up approximately 80% of the productive sector of the Ghanaian economy, are the biggest losers, according to Robert Ahomka-Lindsey, deputy minister of trade and industries. “The government responded by introducing a business relief program, which has been extremely helpful to the industry. The government’s intervention will be supplemented by the Nkosuo program, which will also help the overall effort to help businesses, especially MSMEs, recover from the pandemic’s economic hit. They appreciate you for for this timely partnership and program.”

The Government of Ghana Coronavirus Alleviation and Revitalization of Enterprises (Ghana-CARES) Program, which focuses primarily on developing sustainable MSMEs as a critical part of Ghana’s post COVID-19 recovery strategy, is completely different from the disbursement process of current government programs and the Nkosuo program complements existing programs already targeting the sector.

How to Check Your NBSSI Loan Application Status 2

“NBSSI will oversee the Nkosuo initiative with the help of partner organizations, such as banks, fintechs, and business development services. Ghanaian-owned MSMEs that meet the requirements can apply for funding online or in person at one of our 180 district offices nationwide. The application procedure is totally free and open. The recovery process for thousands of MSMEs in Ghana would be accelerated through Nkosuo, according to Mrs. Kosi Yankey-Ayeh, Executive Director of the NBSSI.

NBSSI Registration Process

  • First the Applicant must select the event she/he wants to register for.
  • The Applicant may apply directly as a new user or use her/his account identifiers if she/he is already a member of the NBSSI’s in order to access the registration form.
  • The applicant must give general information about herself/himself and her/his organization after the registration procedure has begun (required information will be marked with an asterisk).
  • Then, details about the applicable price are given to the applicant.
  • The applicant is then required to check the box indicating their approval of the T&Cs, select their preferred payment method, provide their invoicing information, and submit their payment.
  • Once this stage is complete, the registration is confirmed.

NBSSI Resources And Coverage

The Greater Accra, Savannah, Upper West, Western, Bono, Eastern, Northern, North East, Bono East, Western North, and Oti regions are among the 178 districts and regions in Ghana where the GEA has offices. These regions include Ahafo, Ashanti, Central, Upper East, Volta, Upper East of Ghana, Ashanti, Greater Accra, Upper West, Western, Bono, Eastern, Northern, and Oti.

How to Check Your NBSSI Loan Application Status

To track your NBSSI Loan Application Status visit:

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