Top 10 Medical Schools in Ghana.

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The year has begun and i know and believe most of you are busy searching for some of the top medical schools in Ghana. Well, in this article, we are going to cover some of the best medical schools both private and public in the country that you can attend if you wish and dream of becoming a medical doctor in the next future.

Ghana can boast of some of the top medical schools in Africa after its independence as it stands as one of the most developed nations in west Africa and has developed in so many spheres of influence: education, industry, and so much more. Education is one of the greatest virtues for which Ghana is known.

Medical Schools in Ghana

Below is the list of top medical schools in Ghana.

  • Family Health Medical School

The Family Health Medical School is one of the best private medical schools in Ghana which was established in 1997 in Korle Gonno.  The school started off as a diagnostic center but along the line grew stronger into a famous medical school where aspiring medical students are trained in Ghana.

The school has been equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment. This is aimed at ensuring that students enjoy the best of hands-on-practice while studying. The students produced from this institution are by all standards among the best in the country.

Family Health Medical School is open to both Ghanaian students and other international students.

Annual tuition fees at Family Health Medical School are Ghc40,000 and about $12,000 for international students.

  • The Medical School at the University of Cape Coast

The school of Medical Sciences at the University of Cape Coast is one of the new medical schools in Ghana that started in 2007 as a novel medical school and aims at raising top medical doctors.

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The school has been stocked with functional state-of-the-art facilities and equipment.

This medical school prides itself on producing top-notch graduates on a yearly basis. The school also offers a variety of courses within the confines of the medical field.

Annual tuition fees at the University of Cape Coast School of Medicine are $19,000for international students and Ghc14, 000 for local students.

  • Accra College of Medicine

Another best private medical school in Ghana is the Accra College of Medicine which is located at Rose Avenue, East Legon, Accra, Ghana. The school’s main purpose and target is to raise leaders in medical and health who will take charge and challenge the numerous health problems which have plagued Ghana and the world in the recent past.

This school has been adequately equipped to raise professional medics who will deliver quality health care services to the world populace. This school has well-seasoned lecturers and tutors as well as the most recent medical study equipment needed to develop students into world-class personnel.

Annual tuition fees at this school are $12,000 for local and international students. Other fees: Ghc2800 for local students and Ghc 2500 international students.

  • University of Allied Health Sciences

This school is part of the most current Medical schools in Ghana, located in  Ho, Volta. The school first started with 154  students in 2012 but with hard work and has grown to be part of the best schools due to the modern medical equipment installed in and around the school for adequate learning.

This School of Medicine basically focuses on students willing to study allied medical science courses. University of Allied Sciences offers courses like radiology, laboratory technology, physiotherapy, medical microbiology, etc.

Annual tuition fees at the University of Allied Health Sciences range between $7,000 for local students and $9,000 for international students.

  • The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology School of Medical Sciences

The School of Medicine at the Kwame Nkrumah University is one of the top public medical schools established in 1975 just after Ghana’s  Independence. This school is located in Kumasi and is regarded as the second-largest medical school in the whole of Ghana.

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This medical school aims at producing high-quality graduates who have excelled in different fields of medicine.

As of 2016, the school has a total number of about 42, 590 students.

Medical students at this school pay a yearly tuition of Ghc 12,000.

  •  School of Medicine, University of Development Studies

This school is noted and reported as one of the top and the number medical in Ghana as it was the first-ever medical school set up in the country. The school is located in Korle Bu and its one of the public medical schools you can offer to further your education in becoming a medical doctor.

The school of medicine was established as a result of the increasing health needs of the people of Ghana and due to that it’s well funded and regularly supplied with modern medical equipment for better learning.

The school has a dental school that is committed to producing first-class doctors and dentists through quality teaching and learning, skills acquisition, research training, and knowledge dissemination.

Annual tuition fees at the University of Ghana Medical school is Ghc7,000 from students from Ghana. International students may have to pay higher.

  • The School of Medicine and Dentistry of the University of Ghana

When it comes to the best school with friendly teachers then look no further as the School of Medicine at the University of Development Studies should be your first choice. The school boasts health and medical courses like radiology, Laboratory Technology, and Physiotherapy in its curriculum.

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This Government-owned school has stood out due to its mode of operation. It has devised a means of incorporating other health and medical courses like radiology, Laboratory Technology, and Physiotherapy in its curriculum.

Annual tuition fees are about Ghc 3000 for local students.

  • C4C Homeopathic Medical College

C4C is obviously the leading homeopathic medical school in Ghana. Over the years the C4C Homeopathic Medical College-Ghana has proven to be Ghana’s most energetic and responsive organization, offering unparalleled educational opportunities in homeopathy for aspiring students seeking the highest quality of undergraduate, postgraduate studies.

The purpose of C4C Homeopathic Medical College is to foster excellence in Homoeopathic Medicine and Research, to educate and train undergraduate, postgraduate students, and research scholars of homeopathy in accordance with the highest professional standards and ethical values unfettered by the barriers of nationality, language, culture, plurality, religion and to meet the healthcare needs of the community through dissemination of knowledge and service.

  • Community Health Nurse’s Training College

The Tanoso Community Health Nurses Training College is another public Ghana medical school founded in October 2003  in the Tano North district of the Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana.

The school’s activities are managed by the Ministry of Education and aim to award a Diploma in Nursing after students from the institution have successfully completed a three-year nursing training program. The Nurses and Midwifery Council (NMC) regulates the activities, curriculum, and examination.

  • The Accra School of Hygiene

The Accra School of Hygiene was first established in 1925 and an affiliate of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.

Some of the courses offered at the school are:



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