How to Write Manifesto For School Dinning Hall Prefect + Sample

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Manifesto is a piece of information that a candidate or aspirant of an electoral position reads out to the electorates or voters making know his plans and future for that particular society when he is voted for and therefore urges them to consider it and vote for him.

It is one of the pillars required to win elections of any kind whether at school, in an organization, a community, or a country at large. In as much as it is meant to portray a candidate’s agenda, there are some specifics that it must meet to really qualify to be one.

Characteristics of a good manifesto

It has measurable content
⦁ It presents real agendas and policies
⦁ It’s policies must be achievable
⦁ It must have specific content

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Manifesto To Become School Dining Hall Prefect

The Headmaster, Assistant Headmasters, Teaching staff, Prefects Outgoing, Colleague Students, I consider it a great privilege to be here presenting to you my manifesto as I stand to be voted for into the position of dining hall perfect.

Nutrition is very critical factor in the growth and development of every human being. This is why I think matters concerning this factor must be handled by people who are willing and have the capacity to provide or deliver to the maximum best. When I am voted for, here are some of the things I will be doing;

1. Serving a balanced three square meal to every student all the days of the week.

It is well known that proper growth starts from the adolescent stage therefore anybody who lacks proper nutrition at this stage is destined not to grow healthy as he progresses.

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This is the reason why I will make it a prerequisite in this school that, all students be served a balanced diet each time they visit the dining hall for food.

2. Propose for the provision of lunch for all-day students and snacks for boarders during evening preps.

I write to the administration to propose that all-day students should be included in the afternoon lunch. Not leaving the boarders behind, I shall provide them with snacks to burn the evening oil during preps.

This is to enhance proper learning as studying alongside snacks is the best condition every student will opt for.

3. Usage of cutlery set at the dining hall will be compulsory 

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Students who come to the dining hall without the cutlery set will be punished. I will see to it that the usage of cutlery set becomes the norm during dining hours.

4. I will charge the school cooks to provide food on time.

Instances where foods are served late will all be a thing of the past. The cooks will be under severe pressure to provide dining food at the scheduled time.

The Headmaster, Assistant Headmasters, Teaching staff, Prefects Outgoing, Colleague Students, this is a summary of what I will be bringing on board. There is more to come and so I will urge you all to consider this manifesto as my capabilities and vote for me. Thank you

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