Ideal College Fees For Remedials


In this particular article, all that you need to know about Ideal College – Its fees for remedials, the types of classes the prestigious school offers, and the location of its campuses will be explained in detail.

Ideal College Brief History 

Ideal College is a registered private educational institution under GES. It was established in 2002. The school upon establishment has proven worthy of filling some of the space left as a result of insufficiencies in the Ghana Secondary Educational School system.

The college is known to be a major remedy to the huge numbers of Ghanaian students failing in the West African Secondary Schools Certificate Education (WASSCE). Though it is currently registered to operate as a Senior High School, it is well known for its outstanding performance when it comes to remedial in Ghana.

Ideal college prides itself as being the best remedial school in Ghana now. As it stands now, it has provided many students in Ghana a second opportunity to have better teaching and learning experience so as to pass their failed WASSCE papers and bring their education dream once again to life.

Ideal College provides uninterrupted teaching, learning, and tutorial services in a more friendly yet focused way in a favorable learning environment. It has a direct link with the University of Ghana which gives its students access to facilities and equipment-making learning enjoyable and lively.

The college has the privilege of having some of the university lecturers coming around to assist the teaching and learning in a more experienced way.

Ideal College Types Of Remedial Classes Offered 

At Ideal College, students get to enjoy
1. Regular Class exercises
2. Special tutorial classes
3. Monthly examinations
4. Past questions for practice
5. Effective mock examinations

Ideal College Admission Fees For Remedials

The admission fee for gaining entry into Ideal College is just 30 cedis. Yes, you heard that right, 30 cedis!

Ideal College Fees For Remedials

The fees for Ideal College’s remedial course comes at a very comparatively affordable price. Here are the prices for remedials at Ideal College:

Number of Subjects  Morning Session Afternoon/Evening Session Afternoon/Evening Session
One subject GHc 1,050 GHc 850 GHc 850
Two subjects GHc 1,200 GHc 950
Three subjects GHc 1,350 GHc 1,050
Four subjects GHc 1,450 GHc 1,250
Five subjects GHc 1,550 GHc 1,350
Six subjects Ghc 1,650 Ghc 1,450
Seven subjects GHc 1,850 GHc 1,650
Eight subjects GHc 2,200 GHc 1,800


Idea College Campuses 

Ideal college currently has campuses in Accra, Takoradi, and Kumasi only. In Accra, they have a campus at Tema community 5 near Aponkye clinic and another one in Legon campus. In Takoradi, they can be found at Top Ridge opposite Takoradi Technical University. You can find them at Boadi Junction, Kentinkrono in Kumasi.

Ideal College Hostel Facilities 

Hostel facilities are also available at all their campuses for students who are enrolling from afar and would want a place to reside. The premises of the college is also registered and recognized by WAEC to be used as an exam center.



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