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In this post, I am going to take you through how to write a manifesto for an organizing secretary and also provide you with a sample that you can edit with your information and your plans to create your own. 

Manifesto Writing Guide 

A candidate support statement sometimes referred to as a manifesto should simply state what you plan to do in your role and what changes you would make. It isn’t an excuse to bad mouth your opposition, or make unrealistic promises. Think about what you can achieve and what other students would respond to well. You might want to talk to current students, look at previous manifestos and review student surveys. These guidelines should aid you in writing a good manifesto. 

In writing your manifesto:

  • Be concise and use clear language. Avoid long, complicated words – you won’t win awards for being clever and you might just alienate important voters.
  • Set out your previous experience and how this will help you if you got elected.
  • Set out your goals for your time in the office and ensure they are realistic and achievable.
  • Your manifesto is about you and not your opponents. Don’t waste words trying to discredit them.
  • Talk about your skills that would indicate to voters your suitability for the role.
  • It doesn’t have to be long- in fact, it shouldn’t be. Short and sweet works best. You’re only allowed 600 characters per section that will be displayed to voters on the website. 
  • Be creative and inspiring.
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Manifesto For Organizing Secretary (Sample)



Good day my fellow students, my name is Vidal Edmund Atsiso-Kuledormey a level 200 student reading Information studies and Psychology and aspiring to be the next organizing secretary of our esteemed department. I deem it a great honour to stand before you this very day to read my manifesto, as I solicit your support. I cannot do this without the student populace behind me.

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When elected as the Organizing Secretary, the first problem I will work on is solving the current communication gap between students and the leaders. It has come to my notice that, the ineffectiveness of communication between the two parties has and is causing a lot of problems for we the students. When elected I will try to create an effective communication channel to try and eradicate this problem.

I have also noticed that course registration for information studies students has become a problem anytime school reopens since time in memorial. The good news is a  have a solution to curb this problem when elected into power and that is why I am urging all of you to give me the mandate.

I see the Organizing Secretary and his team as the backbone of the department. This is because they are responsible for arranging and organizing every program in the department to ensure that things are in other. My experience with the executive council has equipped me better to deal with the problems that students face. I entreat you all to come out in your numbers come the 20th of May 2022 and elect me as the Organizing Secretary of this department to make ISSA great again. Thank You.

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