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In this post, I am going to take you through how to write a manifesto for class representative and also provide you with a sample that you can edit to create your own manifesto.

First of all, let’s look at what a manifesto is and some key things to note when preparing a manifesto. 

A manifesto is a document publicly declaring the position or program of its issuer.

Top Tips When Writing A Manifesto 

  • Think of your manifesto as your elevator pitch to students, a way to quickly illustrate what you stand for. 
  • Use the rule of three (or 5). Try not to go overboard on a long list of goals, chose things that are punchy, understandable and achievable. 
  • Make sure your points are tangible. Students want to know what they’re going to achieve and feel like it’s actually believable. 
  • Find ways for your personability to shine through and for the manifesto to reflect who you are, that way it’ll be easier for you to talk about and feel more authentic.
  • Share your passions and the things you’re enthusiastic about!
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Manifesto For Class Representative (Sample)



Hi all,
My name is Stanley Appiah Mensah and I am a first-year undergraduate in the Engineering faculty. I am standing to be elected as the student representative of the Economics class because I would like to ensure that the views of all students from this class are represented. As a fresher especially, I believe I can have an impartial view of the matters of the school and as a result, improve the compatibility of the school with you – the student body.
As your representative on the council of the school of technology, I would aim to ensure that:
1. Anyone can make their voice heard and express their opinion on the running of the school,
regardless of faculty, year or any other factor
2. The student body (you!) are kept informed of the decisions made by the council
3. Decisions made by the council are to the benefit of all undergraduates
In order to deliver upon these aims, I will use my previous experience as a senior prefect at Mfantsepim college and a member of the school council of my secondary school. As well as this I will endeavour to give you opportunities to inform me of what I can do to improve your experience – because you know best what you want to change.
I would be honoured to represent you during the coming year and to be given the opportunity to make a positive impact on your university experience.



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