List Of Sewing Machine Shops In Ghana


Are you looking for a place in Ghana to purchase a sewing machine or where to buy a sewing machine accessories? A place to repair your sewing machine? Check the list below for more. 

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Sewing Machine Shops In Ghana

There are numerous sewing machine shops in Ghana. You might want to know which one (sewing machine shop) is closer to you.

Today’s post take a look at these sewing shops and where you can locate them in Ghana. Get more details about these sewing machine shops as you move further in this post. For instance: we will talk about the services they undertake and etc.

List Of Sewing Machine Shops In Ghana

Go through the list of the various sewing machine shops in Ghana and their respective locations.

Sussie’s Corner

Sussie’s Corner is a wholesaler as well as a retailer of industrial and domestic sewing machines, and sewing accessories.

Location: Opera Building, Accra Pagan Road, Accra.

Phone number: 024 427 2172

KikaDora Creations & Sewing Supplies

KikaDora Creations was founded in 2015. The shop supplies industrial and domestic sewing machines, and sewing accessories like: thread, batting, cutting tools, foam, fiberfill, dressforms and a lot more.

Phone Numbers: +233(0) 302 718 594 and +233(0) 544 341 524.

Email: [email protected]

Hot Fix GH

Hot Fix GH sells sewing accessories, trending tools and a lot more.

Location: Swanmil building, Market St, Accra.

Phone Number: 055 361 6345. 

Sewing Supplies

Sewing Supplies sells sewing tools and accessories like: eyelet tool, silicon hammer or mallet, bra slider adjuster, machine oil and etc.

Phone Number: 054 556 6293.

Edi-Lorwins Enterprise

Edi-Lorwins Enterprise sells all kinds of industrial sewing machines (sewing machine, knitting machine, overlock machine, flatlock machine, etc) white oil for industrial machines, laundry irons, bag closer thread and a lot more.

Location: 2nd, Frema St, Accra.

Phone Number: 054 250 8866.

Deluxe Sewing Machine Base

Deluxe Sewing Machine Base deals in sewing machine sales, maintenance and, general repairs.

Location: Kumasi.

Phone Number: 024 337 4236.

Global Garments And Textiles

Location: 37 Kwame Nkrumah Ave, Accra. 

Phone Number: 024 090 1941.

Tiffylis Garments

Location: International School, Tema, Otis Ln, Accra.

Phone Number: 024 427 2172.

Dignity DTRT Apparel

Location: Kwame Nkrumah Ave, Accra.

Phone Number: 030 268 6700.

KAD Manufacturing Ltd

Location: DN, Wu-Whano Avenue, Accra. 

Phone Number: 026 776 7672.

Anowah Afrique Company Limited

Location: Free zones enclave, Tema.

Phone Number: 050 690 1859.

Sew-eurodrive Sarl Ltd

Location: Awoshie Rd, Accra.

Phone Number: 030 396 3772.

Winglow Fashion Academy

Location: Avenue, 13 Mensah Wood Ave, Accra.

Phone Number: 020 814 0456.


Location: 35 Nii Afrotse St, Accra.

Phone Number: 024 526 4379.

There are lots of sewing machine shops in Ghana and the list above has not exhausted all.

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