Kerstin Ott Cause Of Death: All You Need To Know

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Kerstin Ott is a German singer, songwriter, guitarist and DJ. She was born on January 17, 1982, in West Berlin, Germany and she was the brain behind the song titled “Die immer lacht”.

As a child, Kerstin Ott lived in Heide, Holstein and participated in many talent competitions. She sang in Rolf Zuckowski’s choir. She also trained as a painter.

She recorded “Die immer lacht” in 2005 and later the song was remixed by the German DJ and producer team Stereoact. “Die immer lacht” was written by Kerstin Ott within five minutes on her kitchen table for a sick friend.

The song is all about a woman who always laughs outwardly. Kerstin Ott distributed the CDs of the song and had the song uploaded on YouTube. The song was discovered by Stereoact and was published on Kontor Records as a remix.

In March 2017, market research company GfK Entertainment, adjudged “Die immer lacht” as the most successful work of 2016 and it also topped German and Austrian singles charts, as well as the Swiss charts.

Kerstin Ott won the German Music Authors’ Prize. It also made it to second place in German and Austrian singles charts. It also remained in the Top 10 for several months and was able to record as many as 125 million YouTube views. It also sold more than one million copies and in the process, it earned diamond status in Germany and platinum in Austria.

Kerstin Ott’s song, “Die immer lacht” has been one of the best-selling singles in Germany since 1975 and it was adopted as an anthem by German football club, Hertha BSC.

In the official video for the song, Kerstin Ott plays a photographer, who photographs a constantly smiling model (Greta Hirsch). The video was shot in Mallorca. Kerstin Ott was nominated for several Echo Awards in 2017, including Song of the Year and Best Newcomer.

When Kerstin Ott was 17 years old, it came out that she was a lesbian. She had a registered partnership with her longtime girlfriend Karolina Köppen, but that agreement turned into a marriage in October 2017.

Köppen and her two children adopted Ott’s surname.

Kerstin Ott Cause Of Death

Kerstin Ott was involved in a fatal car accident. This was shortly after he had performed at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

The fatal car accident occurred on December 31st close to Itzehoe on the Stor Bridge. It is reported that five cars that were heading towards Hamburg collided at once.

This was due to poor visibility caused by bad weather, fog and fireworks. At the time of the fatal car accident, Kerstin Ott was in the car with Karolina and 16 year old, Laura.

Currently, there is no information about the cause of death of Kerstin Ott.

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