Andreas Frey Cause of Death: All You Need To Know

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Andreas Frey is a bodybuilder who was born on October 20, 1979. He lived with his family in Romania until his sixth birthday.

With respect to education, Andreas Frey attended a German school in Eastern Europe but later he moved to Germany. When he turned nine years old, he had his first fitness training but did not get the motivation to carry on.

Later , his brother encouraged and convinced him to take up bodybuilding as he had good genetics for that.

Andreas Frey was one of the biggest athletes in Germany in the 2000s and after winning various international championships at NAC and NABBA as an amateur, the heavyweight bodybuilder competed at the PDI association.

After his active time, the ex-professional stayed true to the sport as the operator of his own supplement line, with which he supported various competitions.

Between 2002 and 2004, Andreas Frey won the world championship at NABB. Later in 2005, he also won the German championship and the Mr. Universe title at NAC. Andreas Frey opted for the PDI as against the IFBB due to its scoring system.

The scoring system of PDI consists of five equal parts which are Symmetry and aesthetics, Muscularity, posing freestyle, entertainment value and Posedown.

PDI had the likes of Paul Dillett, Sami Al-Haddad, and Lee Priest. Andreas Frey placed second in the Night of Champions 2006; won by Lee Priest.

He participated in three more professional competitions before he ended his bodybuilding career in 2008.

Some of the accolades of Andreas Frey are 2002 Universe – NAC, Tall, 2nd Position, 2002 World Championships – NAC, Tall, 1st Position, 2002 World Championships – WABBA, Extra-Tall, 4th Position, 2003 World Championships – NAC, Tall, 1st Position, 2004 World Championships – NAC, Tall, 1st position, 2005 Universe – NAC, Overall Winner Tall, 1st position and 2006 Eastern European Amateur Championships – IFBB, Super-HeavyWeight, 3rd position.

Others are 2006 Night of Champions – PDI, 2nd position, 2006 Night of Champions Britain – PDI, 2nd position, 2007 Pro Battle of Giants, 2nd position and 2007 French Night of Champions – PDI, 4th position.

Andreas Frey Cause of Death

Andreas Frey is reported to have died on the night of October 20, 2022.

According to reports, Andreas Frey died in his sleep.

However, there are indications that he may have died due to an acute heart condition. The family of Andreas Frey is yet to confirm that.

He left behind his wife and two daughter

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