Jutta Speidel Cause of Death: All You Need To Know

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Jutta Speidel is a German actress, author, audiobook and radio play speaker and voice actress. She was born on  March 26, 1954, in Munich and she got known in  Rainer Erler’s The Last Holiday in which she played the role of Beate Rehberg.

Her appearance in television series such as Three are one too many, Forsthaus Falkenau, Rivals of the racetrack, All My Daughters and For Heaven’s Sake shot her into fame and stardom.

At the age of fifteen, Jutta Speidel landed her first film role and that was in the series called Die Lümmel von der Erste Bank. She also starred in some comedy films and in the first episode of The Schoolgirl Report.

She decided to pursue acting as a career in 1973 after high school and it is interesting to note that she trained at Huber-Neureuther drama school in Munich for three years.

In 1974, she landed a role in the film The Last Holidays produced by Rainer Erler. In 1979, she again worked with Rainer Erler. She made so much impact with her role in the television film Fleisch.

She was cast for the 13-part ZDF television series directed by Rudolf Jugert and for her superlative acting performance, she received the Bambi.

Other productions Jutta Speidel has been involved in include the eleven-part television series Rivalen der Rennbahn, the family series Forsthaus Falkenau, as well as the television series All My Daughters from 1994 to 1999.

Between 2002 and 2006, Jutta Speidel played the lead role alongside Fritz Wepper in the ARD television series Um Himmels Willen.

She appeared in almost 65 episodes of the television series and as a result, she won the “Best Series Actress” in the Bavarian Television Award.

Jutta Speidel Cause of Death

Jutta Speidel is currently 69 years old. Even though there are reports that she has died, there is no confirmation of her death.

Those reports about her death are to considered as a rumour or hoax. She would celebrate her 70th birthday on March 26, 2024.

Jutta Speidel also worked as a voice actress and some of the productions in which her voice was used are Space Cowboys, It doesn’t get any better, What women want, Blade Runner as well the 2014 ARD film adaptation of the Grimm fairy tale of the same name, The Three Feathers.

Jutta Speidel also has several books she has authored.

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