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Katja Kessler can be described as a German journalist, writer, dentist and Interior Designer. She was born on January 5, 1969, in Kiel, Germany.

Even though Katja Kessler has a doctorate degree in dentistry, she is not practicing in that field. It is fascinating to note that when Katja Kessler was still her studies in dentistry, her interest was more into furnishing of homes and workplaces.

She wasn’t so concerned about the drilling of teeth and anytime she was on semester break, she would work at the furniture fair. It is surprising to note that two days after Katja Kessler had written the state exam in dentistry, she packed all her dental equipment and dumped them into a garbage bag.

Katja Kessler started an internship at SCHÖNER WOHNEN. Initially, she did an internship with the BILD newspaper.

Later, she worked as a society columnist and chief reporter with the BILD newspaper and subsequently became an author working on her own books.

While at the BILD newspaper, the focus of Katja Kessler was people journalism. Some of her books include The Mommy Book: Pregnancy, Birth and the Ten Months After, Silicon Madness: How I once emigrated to California with Schatzi (German Edition) and Betrayed: The Vampire Journals, Book Three, which she co-wrote with Morgan Rice.

She was the author of Dieter Bohlen’s biography “Nothing but the Truth” in 2002. Katja Kessler also authored MAMI BUCH and the novel HERZTÖNE, which was filmed for SAT1. She is the brain behind Katja Kessler Kreation.

Katja Kessler Children

Katja Kessler is married to Kai Diekmann . They got married on January 28, 2002, and their children are Lilly Kessler-Diekmann, Caspar Kessler-Diekmann, Kolja Kessler-Diekmann and Yella Kessler-Diekmann.

Kai Diekmann was born on June 27, 1964 in Ravensburg. He is a German Journalist.

Between January 2001 and December 2015, he was the chief editor of Bild. The net worth of Katja Kessler is believed to be about $3 million. Katja Kessler and her family live in Potsdam.

Her new book is titled  ‘That must be love – 54 1/2 care tips for a happy marriage’ and she explains that she does not see herself as a marriage expert.

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