Nazan Eckes Children: Full Details

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Nazan Eckes is a German television presenter who was born on May 9, 1976. Her parents were Turkish  immigrants from Eskişehir.

Her father worked in a  chemical and pharmaceutical company. With respect to education, Nazan Eckes  completed her Abitur high school diploma in 1995 in Leverkusen and had her internship at the music television channel VIVA.

She also had her formal formal journalistic apprenticeship (Volontariat)  at VIVA for a period of eighteen months .Later in 1998, she became a regular TV journalist at VIVA.

Not only did she work for VIVA but she worked as a freelance reporter for the Turkish language regional newspaper Haftalık Posta. A year later , Nazan Eckes presented the weather forecast for RTL Television’s regional evening program, Guten Abend RTL when she moved to Hamburg .

She also presented the weather forecast in the local news program Punkt 12. Nazan Eckes has been the regular moderator of the RTL II News on weekdays since January 28,2003.

At one time or the other, she has presented RTL Exclusiv and Life! – Die Lust zu leben.She teamed up with Ole Tillmann to present World Music Awards  and also teamed up Mike Krüge to present eutschlands beste Doppelgänger, a look-alike-show on Saturday nights.

For a short time, Nazan Eckes was a member of the f the presenting team for RTL’s coverage of Formula Oneand through that she started presenting Formel Exclusiv , which focused on lifestyle and glamour themes  related to Formula One.

Other shows that Nazan Eckes has presented include Life! – Die Lust zu leben,Bosporus Trend, RTL II Jahresrückblick,”Let’s Dance” and Das große TV-Qui.Nazan Eckes played the role of a journalist in the German television comedy Crazy Race 3 – Sie knacken jedes Schloss.


Nazan Eckes Children

Nazan Eckes got married to Claus Eckes in 2000. They were till 2007 when they divorced.

Five years later , Nazan Eckes got married to painter and former model Julian Khol.

Julian Khol is the youngest son of Austrian People’s Party politician Andreas Khol.

Nazan Eckes  and Julian Khol have two sons.They are Lounis aged 8 and Ilyas Noah aged 6. Julian Khol is a 43 year old Austrian Model born on 4th December, 1979 in Vienna, Austria.

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