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Julius Röntgen was a German-Dutch composer of classical music. He was born on May 9, 1855, but died on September 13, 1932. He was 77 years old at the time of his death. He was known to be a friend of Liszt, Brahms and Grieg. Julius Röntgen was born in Leipzig, Germany into a family of musicians.

It must be noted that the father of Julius Röntgen was Engelbert Röntgen. Engelbert Röntgen was widely known to be the first violinist in the Gewandhaus orchestra in Leipzig. The mother of Julius Röntgen was Pauline Klengel and she was a pianist.

It is of great importance to emphasize that Pauline Klengel was an aunt of the renowned cellist Julius Klengel, born in 1859. Even though Julius Röntgen did not attend school, he was taught music by his parents and grandparents.

He also had private tutors who taught him other subjects. The director of the Gewandhaus orchestra, Carl Reinecke was his first piano teacher. As a German-Dutch composer of classical music, his early compositions were influenced by Reinecke, but also by Robert Schumann, Franz Liszt and Johannes Brahms.

Julius Röntgen also learned how to play the piano under Franz Lachner, a friend of Franz Schubert. He became a professional pianist at age 18. He met a Swedish music student Amanda Maier and they got married in 1880. Julius Röntgen was a piano teacher in a music school in Amsterdam in 1877.

He was also instrumental in the establishment of institutions for classical music in Amsterdam. Julius Röntgen founded the Amsterdam Conservatory with composers Frans Coenen and Daniel de Lange. He was also pivotal in the foundation of the Concertgebouw in 1884.

The works of Julius Röntgen include 25 symphonies, concertos (7 piano concertos, 3 violin concertos, 3 cello concertos, and other concertos), as well as numerous chamber, piano and vocal works. He also completed Grieg’s unfinished String Quartet No. 2. He is known to have harmonized and arranged traditional Dutch melodies used as hymn tunes.

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Julius Röntgen’s Age

Julius Röntgen was 77 years old before he died.

Julius Röntgen’s Height, Weight

Julius Röntgen’s height and weight is currently not updated

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Julius Röntgen’s Net Worth

According to Idol Net Worth, the net worth of Julius Röntgen is said to be $60 million.

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Julius Röntgen’s Parents

He was born to Engelbert Röntgen and Pauline Klengel. Engelbert Röntgen was widely known to be the first violinist in the Gewandhaus orchestra in Leipzig. Pauline Klengel was a pianist.

Julius Röntgen’s Girlfriend, Wife,

Julius Röntgen was married to a Swedish music student Amanda Maier. They got married in 1880. His second marriage was to piano teacher Abrahamina des Amorie van der Hoeven and they had some children as well. One of their children was Joachim, a violinist, who founded the Röntgen String Quartet.


Julius Röntgen’s Biography, Wikipedia,

Julius Röntgen’s details are available on Wikipedia.

Julius Röntgen’s Children,

He had two sons: Engelbert (cellist) and Julius jr (violinist). He also had children with piano teacher Abrahamina des Amorie van der Hoeven. Apart from Engelbert (cellist) and Julius jr (violinist, he also has a son called Joachim, a violinist.

Julius Röntgen’s Birth Date.

He was born on May 9, 1855

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